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Claimed:VHL Fights Breast Cancer


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VHL Fights Breast Cancer


It is no secret that the horrible experience of cancer has affected so many lives to this date. The disease hits close to home for many people and that includes many of the Victory Hockey League superstars and staff. This October is always known as Brest Cancer awareness month but we figured we'd bring to light the disease that spreads to more then just the torso. Some of the current Victory Hockey League agents have been directly affected by cancer themselves. In some instances they have even survived the horrible disease and lived to tell their story themselves. This is a profile on something no individual should have to endure, but so many have already.




Jim Gow was the epitome of classy professionals in his time in the Victory Hockey League. Gow was a Continental Cup champion and a vital veteran on a young Cologne Express team near the end of his career. Although his numbers will never put him with the greats of all time, his story can't be ignored. Gow retired at the end of last season’s playoffs and at the same time had a family tragedy hit him as well. Jim's aunt who had been diagnosed with cancer lost her battle during the playoffs in season 34. Gow after suffering a short but painful stint in the first round had to brace for an even tougher time to come. Gow kept to himself and let family sort itself out over time but he knew work had to continue. Since his aunt's death, Gow has come back to the league as a player agent and says that the disease and what it has done will never leave his thoughts.


As challenging as his life has been already, Joey Kendrick's life got a lot more challenging two years ago. Joey while managing the expansion Cologne Express had a horrible tragedy struck his father as well. Kendrick's aunt was diagnosed with cancer as well, a form of lung cancer not contributed by smoking. Joey's aunt eventually lost her battle 3 months after being diagnosed but her memory lives on in the former Hall-of-Famer. Joey says that his relationship with cancer societies is something he cherishes and will never let go of. 




The Victory Hockey League (like many leagues) supports the fight against cancer everyday and wants October to not be the sole month it is in focus. This whole entire month players have used pink sticks, pink tape and in some cases pink goalie equipment in support of breast cancer. The league decided that instead of the red lines that are seen through the ice, they would paint them pink instead. Another cool feature the league brought in was the pink goal lights instead of the traditional red goal lights. Bringing the horrible disease to the forefront for hopeful resolve was the VHL's ultimate goal. The players, management and rest of the staff all agreed that this disease is something that needs to be focused on and we need to do our part. Players and coaches visited local cancer wards at hospitals to spend time with individuals who have been affected currently. Coach Gordon Bombay of the Cologne Express even keeps in contact with a few kids he met during his career in District 5 who are now adults. Some current players have made large donations of their own pay checks the cancer societies all over the world. The Victory Hockey League looks to continue it’s support all season long when they display the pink ribbon on the back of each helmet worn during a game.



This profile is dedicated to Jamie.

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Content: 3/3 - My condolences for your loss. Very good piece to bring attention that affects way too many people. You handled a very serious topic incredibly well and tied it into a piece about the league effectively. Keep up the great work!


Grammar: 2/2 - I saw nothing as usual.


Appearance: 1/1 - Looks fantastic to me!


OVerall: 6/6

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Content: 3/3 - What do you mean Jim's numbers won't put him up with the greats of all-time? On a more serious note, cancer sucks, and what it can do to an individual's body is awful. Hopefully this horrible condition can be eradicated some day.


Grammar: 2/2 - Just a couple minor things.


season 34 = Season 34

Joey while managing the expansion Cologne Express had = While managing the expansion Cologne Express, had

tragedy struck = tragedy strike


Appearance: 1/1 - Solid.


Overall: 6/6


Final: 6/6

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