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S18 VHL Entry Draft


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Red = VHL Hall of Famer
S18, S19 = S18, S19 Continental Cup Champion, etc.

Round One
1. :olddav:Davos (from Helsinki): Daisuke Kanou S20, S24, S25
2. :oldtor:Toronto (from Davos): Cedric Pollack S20
3. :oldnya:New York: Jukka Hakkinen
4. :oldsea:Seattle (via New York, from Calgary): Anton Brekker S20, S24, S25
5. :oldrig:Riga (from Madrid): Olivier Scarlett
6. :olddav:Davos (from Toronto): David Vidal S20
7. :oldrig:Riga: Tarik Saeijs
8. :oldtor:Toronto (via Davos, from Seattle): Peyton Nydroj S21

Round Two
9. :oldtor:Toronto (via Calgary, via New York, from Helsinki): Biggie Shakur S21, S23
10. :oldtor:Toronto (via New York, via Helsinki, from Davos): Aidan Shaw S21
11. :oldhel:Helsinki (from New York): Jordan de Fabio
12. :oldrig:Riga (from Calgary): Gabriel Cederland S25
13. :oldtor:Toronto (from Madrid): Greinke
14. :oldnya:New York (from Toronto): Gordon Shore
15. :oldrig:Riga: Michael Angelo S22
16. :olddav:Davos (via New York, from Seattle): Pekka Jarmuth S22

Round Three
17. :oldhel:Helsinki: Eric LaJeunesse
18. :oldcgy:Calgary (via New York, via Seattle, from Davos): Roman Andreev S23
19. :oldsea:Seattle (via New York): Joey Clarence S23
20. :oldcgy:Calgary: Mathias Chouinard S23, S24, S25
21. :olddav:Davos (via Toronto, via Madrid): Hamza Ahmed
22. :mad:Madrid (via Toronto): Abdullah Jabir
23. :oldrig:Riga: Mattias Backlund
24. :oldsea:Seattle: Vadim Volkov

Round Four
25. :oldhel:Helsinki: Sven Kramer
26. :olddav:Davos: Pass
27. :oldnya:New York: Kobe Bryant
28. :oldcgy:Calgary: Andrei Papikov
29. :mad:Madrid: Robin Big Snake
30. :oldtor:Toronto: Pass
31. :oldrig:Riga: Pass
32. :oldsea:Seattle: Magnus Huuskonen


Jukka Hakkinen: 152 TPE
Biggie Shakur: 146 TPE
Cedrick Pollack: 131 TPE
Pekka Jarmuth: 117 TPE
Abdullah Jabir: 30 TPE

Left Wingers
Peyton Nydroj: 145 TPE
Gabriel Cederland: 106 TPE
Sven Kramer: 47 TPE
Igor Kasparaitis: 25 TPE
Hamza Ahmed: 20 TPE
Kobe Bryant: 20 TPE
Alexander Levant: 0 TPE
Barry McCaulkiner: 0 TPE
Samuel Gomez: 0 TPE
Tyler Johnson: 0 TPE

Right Wingers
Anton Brekker: 207 TPE
Tarik Saeijs: 131 TPE
Greinke: 110 TPE
Gordon Shore: 105 TPE
Roman Andreev: 35 TPE
Robin Big Snake
Mathias Chouinard: 17 TPE
Vadim Volkov: 12 TPE
Andrei Papikov: 5 TPE
Jason Lokes: 0 TPE

David Vidal: 170 TPE
Oliver Scarlett: 153 TPE
Jordan de Fabio: 120 TPE
Michael Angelo: 97 TPE
Eric LaJeunesse: 55 TPE
Magnus Huuskonen: 7 TPE
Jon McKelvie: 2 TPE
Jamie Lindstedt: 0 TPE
Domenico Romano: 0 TPE

Daisuke Kanou: 281 TPE
Aiden Shaw: 150 TPE
Joey Clarence: 93 TPE
Mattias Backlund: 66 TPE
David Cornford: 6 TPE
Chris Orosz: 0 TPE
Steven Hall: 0 TPE

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