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  1. old man still has some left in the tank
  2. Thanks for the quick response Will.
  3. 1) Are you a dog person, a cat person, or a terrible person? Dog person, for sure. 2) How did you originally find the VHL? HFBoards. 3) What do you think is the key to Moscow being the best they can be this season? I think everyone needs to perform at their max capabilities and that's what will get us as far as we can go. 4) What do you think is the worst case scenario for Moscow this season? Missing the playoffs. 5) We all know Victor is the best. What GM do you think would be 2nd most fun to play for besides victor? I think playing for Jeff would be fun. 6) What is your favorite fast food place? Popeyes probably. Wendy's is great too though.
  4. I am the king of the fantasy zone
  5. I have 2 players with more than 700 TPE (Ansgar Snijider & Dean Clarke) and I'm still only being offered 4 TPE.
  6. throwing the game for us, appreciate it.
  7. Good to hear, relationships in sim leagues are always beneficial.
  8. 1.) Who is the biggest team player Houston has atm, give him or her a shout out. Haven't seen any yet. 2.) What do you think is contributing to our teams monumental success so far this season? I think it's been a team effort for sure, everyone has been contributing and it's good to see. 3.) What do you say to all the haters that say we are a middle of the road team who is just getting lucky? I think we will let our play do the talking. 4.) How many times a day does the team actually say horns up? Not as much as you'd think. 5.) Tell me about an original team chant that came into existence this season, why was it created? I'm not exactly sure, I think that was an off-season decision to start that I missed. 6.) Make a pun that is team related ... Our team has a very BULLish attitude.
  9. Thank you @solas !