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  1. 175 Vancouver Wolves @ Riga Reign 176 D.C. Dragons @ New York Americans 177 Toronto Legion @ Helsinki Titans 178 Prague Phantoms @ Malmo Nighthawks
  2. 1. Moscow is off to a decent start. Who on the team has really stepped it up this season? I think the whole team has improved their game. 2. Who are our biggest competition in Europe this season and why? Riga seems to have our number 3. If you could be the head coach for a sim, would you make any changes to our lines/lineup? No I let Victor handle that side of things. 5. What team do you think is going to be the #1 NA seed and why? Vancouver, they're the champions last year and haven't really slowed down. 7. Did you have any Moscow teammates in your VHFL fantasy group? I didn't partake. 8. Did you know patpou22 does photography as a hobby? What kind of hobbies are you into, off of the ice? I DJ electronic music. 9. Have you made any player store purchases this season? Are you saving up for any particular purchase? I'm just saving for the time being.
  3. New guys: clowns Old guys: not clowns got it
  4. 100 Helsinki Titans @ Calgary Wranglers 101 Malmo Nighthawks @ Vancouver Wolves 102 HC Davos Dynamo @ Prague Phantoms 103 Riga Reign @ Toronto Legion