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  1. I don't know why I was in the shootout but I buried anyways.
  2. What a start to the season. The boys are all buzzin
  3. Congratulations fellas, well deserved. @gorlab @wcats @Matmenzinger
  4. Congrats boss @Victor
  5. 1. S70 Draft is incoming. Do you think Beketov is the clear 1oa? If you were a GM, would you do anything besides picking him at 1oa? I don't know much about the draft class, but that seems like safe bet. 2. What do you think the primary color of the Prague Phantoms is? Black? Blue? Purple? Pink? If you had to choose ONE color to represent them, what is it? Purple. 3. Are you following the NFL football scene? I think it's their playoffs, are you caught up in the drama of it? Yes, I am. My Bills lost but I'm pulling for the 49ers now. 4. What are your personal targets for S70 in terms of sim stats? Whether it's a goal/assist/point total or maybe even some PIMs or hits. Jaguar had like 2 fights last season so I'm hoping I can somehow improve on that. I want to win a championship with this team. 5. Moscow had a few cap casualties after S69. We will miss our former teammates patpou and poptart, give them a word of thanks for their time and service to Moscow pls & ty. Patpou and I came up together since the draft and were defensive partners, I hope he succeeds elsewhere. 6. Moscow will have a couple rookies on our roster this year, aye my name is jeff and fever95. What kind of rookie hazing do you have in mind for our new boys? Cellphone up the butt.
  6. 1. A disappointing end to S69 for the Menace, but making it to the EU Finals is a great achievement for such a young team. What was your highlight for S69? Taking another step with our team and improving together. 2. Riga will be facing the winner of Seattle/Vancouver in the finals. Which team are you rooting for and why? I don't really have a preference. 3. Upper Deck has approached your player for an autograph deal. You have to hand-sign 5,000 hockey cards but since it's your first autograph deal, you don't get paid much. Are you interested? What color ink do you use to sign? I'd probably say no, I'm not a fan of autograph hounds. 4. The VHL's first annual christmas charity drive was a resounding success, with the league members meeting our donation goal within a few hours. Have you claimed your free doubles week yet? (Everybody gets one, regardless of donating or not) No I hadn't. 5. Moscow will be headed to the golf course for the rest of S69. What type of club is your favourite? Woods, irons, or the all-mighty putter? Drive for show, putt for dough. 6. Have you been following the S70 VHL draft class at all? Do you have any suggestions for late-round gems that Moscow can draft? I haven't been paying attention to be honest. I trust Victor to make the right decisions.