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  1. 1. We have allowed the least amount of goals among all VHL teams so far this season. What can you attribute this to? Good defensive play, great goaltending, or a mix of both? I think everyone is committing to playing in both ends. 2. With the trade deadline approaching, how do you think we could improve our roster the most? Or do you think we have the cup winning team here already? I think we can keep rolling with what we have. 3. We are going to have a very high pick in the S76 Draft with Riga's 1st rounder. Any prospects you like from the upcoming draft?
  2. 1. What's your personal goal for this year? 2. What's your team goal for this year? 3. What did you struggle with last year that you improved in the off-season? 4. What team do you look most forward to playing? 5. What team do you least look forward to playing? 6. Which linemate do you enjoy having the most on the team?
  3. 1) Who do you think will go 1st overall in the upcoming draft? not familiar with this draft. 2) Which rookie in our team will make the biggest impact next season? (Byrne or Askarov) I'll say Byrne. 3) How happy are you with Jubis recent trades this off-season? I think we're looking great going forward. 4) Do you think Patrik Tallinder, DeFenz Mann and Edwin THE Encarnacion will help us more offensively? Which we sucked at last year. I think everyone improving and another year of chemistry should help us quite a bit. 5) What do
  4. You wanna join the Old Men Yell At Cloud podcast with @Victor @gregreg and I ?
  5. 1) if you could describe the team in 1 word... What would it be? Driven 2) what are your goals for next season? Increase my stats and contribute more towards winning. 3)do you feel like you have accomplished your goals this season? I wanted to play and contribute about 20 points and not be a liability so yes 4)what's your favorite music genere? electronic 5)who's your favorite person on the team i love all the guys. 6)and who would you like to bring up? I trust Jubis to handle that stuff that's not up to me.