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S19 VHL Entry Draft


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S19 Draft Discussion Thread

Red = VHL Hall of Famer
S19, S20 = S19, S20 Continental Cup Champion, etc.

Round One
1. :oldtor:Toronto: James Bencharski S21, S26
2. :mad:Madrid (from Davos, via Toronto): Jaroslav Oslig
3. :oldsea:Seattle: Phil Gerrard S26
4. :oldtor:Toronto (from Helsinki): Gabriel Rheaume
5. :oldrig:Riga: Kristian Carlsson
6. :oldhel:Helsinki (from New York, via Toronto): Ignatius Feltersnatch S22
7. :oldhel:Helsinki (from Madrid, via Toronto): Kevin Brooks II
8. :oldrig:Riga (from Calgary, via Madrid): Jon Cruze S23

Round Two
9. :oldsea:Seattle (from Toronto, via New York): Heinrich Olen
10. :oldnya:New York (from Seattle): Regie Johnson
11. :oldhel:Helsinki: Zack Gagnon
12. :oldrig:Riga (from Davos, via Seattle): Sigmund Olofsson S24, S25
13. :oldhel:Helsinki (from Riga): Aleks Svansson
14. :oldnya:New York: Adam Scharfe
15. :oldsea:Seattle (from Madrid): Mikael Turris
16. :oldcgy:Calgary: Michael Hodgson

Round Three
17. :oldsea:Seattle (from Toronto, via Davos): Kyle Marquis
18. :oldsea:Seattle: P.J. Bottoms
19. :oldhel:Helsinki: Raymond Lindsay
20. :olddav:HC Davos: Ideen Fallah
21. :oldhel:Helsinki (from Riga): Zack Henning
22. :oldnya:New York: Francois Eberle
23. :oldtor:Toronto (from Madrid): Mike Situation
24. :oldcgy:Calgary: Thomas Kessel

Round Four
25. :oldtor:Toronto: Snakes
26. :oldsea:Seattle: PASS
27. :oldhel:Helsinki: Justin Wood
28. :olddav:HC Davos: PASS
29. :oldrig:Riga: Alexander Cattermole
30. :oldnya:New York: PASS
31. :mad:Madrid: PASS
32. :oldcgy:Calgary: PASS

Gabriel Rheaume: 90 TPE
Kyle Marquis: 40 TPE

Left Wingers
Jaroslav Oslig: 174 TPE
Regie Johnson: 115 TPE
Aleks Svansson: 44 TPE
P.J. Bottoms: 17 TPE
Ideen Fallah: 11 TPE
Petr Geiss: 6 TPE
Justin Wood: 0 TPE
Alexander Cattermole: 0 TPE

Right Wingers
Phil Gerrard: 118 TPE
Kevin Brooks II: 75 TPE
Ignatius Feltersnatch: 75 TPE
Zach Gagnon: 65 TPE
Adam Scharfe: 28 TPE
Michael Hodgson: 13 TPE
Francois Eberle: 11 TPE
Mike Situation: 9 TPE
Raymond Lindsay: 1 TPE
Thomas Kessel: 0 TPE
Troy Thompson: 0 TPE
Mikael Turris: 0 TPE
Dominik Zabijak: 0 TPE

James Bencharski: 138 TPE
Heinrich Olen: 77 TPE
Kristian Carlsson: 76 TPE
Jon Cruze: 66 TPE
Sigmund Olofsson: 45 TPE
Snakes: 1 TPE
Ricardo Blast: 0 TPE

Zack Henning: 0 TPE

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