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S20 VHL Entry Draft


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S20 Draft Discussion Thread

Red = VHL Hall of Famer
S20, S21 = S20, S21 Continental Cup Champion, etc.

Round One
1. :oldnya:New York: Japinder Singh S24, S25, S27
2. :oldcgy:Calgary (from Toronto via Madrid): Kevyn Hesje S22, S26
3. :oldsea:Seattle: Cam Merrill
4. :oldcgy:Calgary (via Helsinki): Lars Intranquilo S23
5. :mad:Madrid (via Toronto): Adam Schultz S22, S24, S25
6. :oldcgy:Calgary (via Riga): Alejandro Messi
7. :oldnya:New York (via Davos): Olivier Bergstrom
8. :oldtor:Toronto (from Madrid, via Calgary): Christopher Hawkins S21

Round Two
9. :oldnya:New York (from Madrid, via Riga): Keon Henderson
10. :oldnya:New York (from Seattle): Fantastic McAwesome
11. :oldrig:Riga (from New York, via Riga, via Helsinki, via Calgary): Turd Ferguson
12. :oldhel:Helsinki: Jon Maxfield
13. :oldtor:Toronto: Andre West
14. :olddav:Davos (from Riga, via New York): Jordan Payne
15. :oldhel:Helsinki (from Davos, via Calgary): Sarmad Khan
16. :mad:Madrid (from Calgary, via Davos): Jake Woods

Round Three
17. :oldnya:New York (from Madrid): Paul Bunyan
18. :mad:Madrid (from Seattle): Horace Injlat
19. :mad:Madrid (from New York): Benji Witherspoon
20. :oldcgy:Calgary (from Helsinki): Alex Halestrom
21. :olddav:Davos (from Toronto): Greg Adams Jr
22. :oldnya:New York (from Riga): Shawn Bradley
23. :oldsea:Seattle (from Davos, via New York): Alex O'Brien
24. :oldhel:Helsinki (from Calgary): Jay Shields

Round Four
25. :oldnya:New York: PASS
26. :oldsea:Seattle: Anthony Sanderson
27. :mad:Madrid: Einar Kallstrom
28. :oldhel:Helsinki: Jere Wulf
29. :oldtor:Toronto: PASS
30. :oldrig:Riga: Brett Stolberg
31. :olddav:Davos: Lazar Pondexter
32. :oldcgy:Calgary: PASS

Oliver Bergstrom: 83 TPE
Turd Ferguson: 38 TPE
Alex O'Brien: 23 TPE
Jon Maxfield: 12 TPE
Xavier Johnson: 0 TPE
Peter Siddorn: 0 TPE
Einar Kallstrom: 0 TPE
Brett Stolberg: 0 TPE

Left Wingers
Kevin Hesje: 214 TPE
Christopher Hawkins: 84 TPE
Ford Prefect: 0 TPE
Trevor Smith: 0 TPE

Right Wingers
Cam Merrill: 147 TPE
Greg Adams Jr.: 61 TPE
Keon Henderson: 57 TPE
Andre West: 50 TPE
Benji Witherspoon: 6 TPE

Japinder Singh: 220 TPE
Lars Intranquilo: 131 TPE
Adam Schultz: 71 TPE
Paul Bunyan: 69 TPE
Fantastic McAwesome: 37 TPE
Sarmad Khan: 33 TPE
Jordan Payne: 17 TPE
Alex Halestrom: 14 TPE
Jake Woods: 6 TPE
Jere Wulf: 1 TPE
John Falkirk: 1 TPE

Alejandro Messi: 92 TPE
Shawn Bradley: 78 TPE
Jay Shields: 22 TPE
Lazar Pondexter: 21 TPE
Anthony Sanderson: 5 TPE
Horace Injlat: 0 TPE

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