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What is Losing?


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The Bern Royals do not remember what it feels like to lose. They have won an astounding twenty eight straight games. As the VHLM is incredibly unbalanced at the moment it reasonable to see an easy schedule leading to this impressive streak but the team is playing with an unbelievable swagger. Their last lose was against the Brampton Blades, a close 3-2 tilt. During this twenty eight game streak they played Brampton three more times, the first a close 2-1 battle but the next two matches were a different story. In the last two meetings Bern has beat Brampton 11-1. That is right Brampton the number two team in the league has lost their last two matches against the rank one squad 5-0 and 6-1. A mid-season addition Reuel was reached for comment.


“We are playing unbelievable hockey right now. We are dominating possession like no team in history. Our entries are flawless. We get sustained pressure in the offensive zone every single shift and whenever TebowGow or Merica get on we score. Some nights it feels like we could go up against VHL teams! We are playing with that much confidence! Our goaltending has been great too, we’ve had five or six shutouts on this run!”

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