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Awwoo00OOOO [Final 6/6]

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Effort:2/2 yepper

Looks:2.75/3 Not a lot of stuff going on. But I do like the text and the simple feel of this sign I like what you done with the brush work in the bg. A bit of lighting wouldn't hurt as well! Great work Noah

creativity:1/1 yep


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Effort: 2/2 Definitely have all the elements of a good sig.


Look: 2.5/3 My main issue is the low quality feel, might have been the stocks you used so adjusting the noise can help raise the quality so you can sharpen the image after without making it look terribad. I really love what you did the flow of this sig everything meshes well. 


Creativity: 1/1 Yep Noah is the king of creativity...


Overall: 5.5/6 ---> 6/6

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