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Brovalenko ranks teams 5/4


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At Number 5/4


This team could either be 4 or 5 depending on what happens in the next few weeks. So my reasons for Vasteras at 4 or 5 is they have a very young core group of guys, Corco went through a rebuild and it turned out pretty good I would say, they got Leitner, Bagleface, Janssen, Trumbs etc. This season I know they are competing for a playoff spot and have done alright and I see they being a playoff team next season and thats what I want.


At Number 4/5


Once again depending on what happens in the next few weeks they could either be 4 or 5. Toronto has a great team, they were really unlucky last season and did not qualify for the playoffs. They have lots of 300 - 500 tpe players with an 800tpe goalie, I can see them making it to the semis this season and they will for sure be a contender for the cup next season and thats why I would like to be on the team.

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