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Houston Flooding calls Clardy away [Final 6/6]


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The bottom floor at the Houston Galleria was devastated during the Houston floods recently


HOUSTON, TX - Michael Clardy has been a hell of a player in the minor leagues. While 75 points in a season isn't groundbreaking, it's still an accomplishment on any level. The defender from Houston has also made sure to be a dominant force in both ends, amassing 77 shot blocks and 170 hits for the Watchmen. But with the VHLM playoffs incoming and pressure rising, the Watchmen had to deal with Clardy leaving the final tune-up regular season games for some personal reasons.


The past few weeks have been interesting for Clardy's hometown Houston. Mother Nature frowned upon the bay city and promptly rained a Noah's Ark level of water on the easygoing town. Clardy's home in south Houston was relatively unscathed, but the same could not be said for many parts of the downtown region. The Galleria even was flooded to the point that what was once an ice rink at the food court was now a dirty pool of sewage and flood grime. A disgusting sight for anyone, but a particularly emotional one for a local.



Interstate 45, immersed in flood water after the devastating weather


Clardy, hearing the news, immediately changed attitude. He got the call during a game between the Watchmen and the Royals that was already heated and was caught in 2 separate fights before the game resulted in a shootout loss for the Watchmen. Heated and bothered, Clardy left the stadium and immediately returned home, handing out food from H-E-B with Houston Texans players and being supportive of the Houston Rockets as they continued their struggle to the Western Conference Finals and rallying a city out of the flood and into the recovery.


Ultimately, the sabbatical from hockey was beneficial for Clardy, who came back lively and rearing for action. Clardy's #ClargaryWranglers were worried about his absence, with Clardy taking odd hiatuses from the sport before with potentially dangerous consequences, but the defender looks to be a solid role player for a struggling Wranglers team next season. Hopefully Clardy keeps a level head throughout a VHL season, as it seems he has taken a personal soapbox of keeping a hometown connection.


On a related note, Clardy left the University of Houston previously to enjoy hockey, and will be taking online classes to graduate with a Chemistry degree. Despite public releases stating that, "I need to plan for the future after my VHL career, and my passion for chemistry is something I feel can help me be comfortable for the rest of my life," most media and VHL associates feel that the hometown hero is just looking for connections back to the 4th largest city in the nation. While the need to protect his people is a noble cause, it certainly seems unrealistic on the face for a pro athlete to take a whole metropolis under his wing. Let's hope he's ok going forward.

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Content: 3/3 - Damn, That was such a huge flood those pictures are insane. Glad you are okay and back. Although I know it took a couple extra days to get back on compared to a few other people from Texas. Hopefully everything is back to normal now. Love the way you incorporated a real life scenario in your life to your player (although not a ideal scenario for you but it makes for an interesting read)! 

Grammar: 2/2 - Didn't catch anything



Appearance: 1/1 - Good


Overall: 6/6

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