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Claimed:Giovanni Reuel’s First Year in the VHLM [Final 6/6]


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Giovanni Reuel’s First Year in the VHLM




Italian Winger Giovanni Reuel has just completed his first season with the dominant Bern Royals of the VHLM European Conference. Reuel did not have the most successful individual season as his numbers pale in comparison to line mates Tim TebowGow and Josh Merica. However Reuel’s strengths are not easily measured by statistics. He is a strong stick handler, skater and defensively responsible. This has shown itself on the power play where he earned over half his assists by deftly avoiding defenders until the seams open up. While it is easy to see why the Reuel is an asset to the top line due to his defense first mentality the VHLM is a stat obsessed league, let’s take a look at Reuel’s first season.




GP: 54 G: 10 A: 15 P: 25 +/-: +62 PIM: 28 HIT: 82


In his rookie campaign Reuel produced at a leisurely pace, finishing ninth on his team in scoring. Of the 25 points over half were from the power play, 13 points. Reuel played a clean season rarely taking penalties and played the puck over the body. Five on Five Reuel focused on getting the puck to his gifted line mates TebowGow and Merica, as seen by his low shot total of 65 on the season. When he did shoot it normally was a clear opportunity resulting in having the highest shot percentage on the team, despite his weak shot. It was also rare for someone to successfully lay the body on Reuel as he is fast and handles the puck well, as seen by having the fewest hits taken of anyone who played over 18 minutes a game.


These stats show that Reuel has a solid understanding of his role on the team, indicating a high hockey IQ. When on the puck he does not turn over and ensures his super star line mates get more opportunities. He also trails behind the play without touching the puck too often giving TebowGow and Merica increased freedom to go all out offensively. This could hint that Reuel simply lacks offensive talent but this is a question we will not be able to answer until he is put in a role where he needs to produce, it is likely he will succeed in such a position next season as his power play numbers are solid.






Reuel has recently stated he intends to work on cross ice passes heading into the playoffs, the one area where he has been turning the puck over, if he is successful we could see an offensive explosion from Reuel in the playoffs.


As a VHL prospect, Giovanni Reuel looks to have a mature mental game who aims to limit mistakes and create opportunities for his line mates. This is a selfless style which is increasingly uncommon as players aim to dominate the spotlight by lighting the lamp. Reuel without a doubt needs more time in the VHLM to season, but with time Reuel could prove to be an excellent addition to a top line to support creative goal scorers


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Content: /3 - Good article on Reuel's season. As mentioned in the media spot not a great season statistically but still solid. Playing with a beast and puck hog doesn't help either  :ph34r: (;)). It looks like the prediction at the end is coming true and Reuel's been working on those stretch practices. 

Grammar: 2/2 - Good, only a couple minor things.

see why the Reuel is an asset = see why Reuel is an asset
When on the puck he does not turn over and = When on the puck he does not turn it over and


Appearance: 1/1 - Nice.

Overall: 6/6

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