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The S43 regular season has now come to a finish and the playoffs have officially began. This means that young rookie goalie Blake Campbell has likely played the last game of his rookie season. During his first year though, we think it's safe to say he accomplished quite a bit for a young goalie in a league full of offensive threats and high scoring chances. Blake Campbell achieved an amazing record of 19-1-1, which I assume gives him the best winning percentage out of any goalie in the league. Along with that, he posted a save % of .930, GAA of 1.40 and came just show of double digit shutouts put together 8 on the season. That means, of his 23 games, he managed to shutout his opponents 34.78% of the time. With us now to briefly give a statement on his season and his plan pushing forward, Blake Campbell.


All thanks to Stockholm management for giving me the opportunity to jump in, get a groove for the league and just play the game I love. I have still found fairly great consistent with my development and have made huge strides in my opinion since my junior days and I think I hopefully showed that to a lot of the players, managements and fans who got to watch me this season. I want to remain modest, but I did have a really strong year and that just excites me more for the future. I have a lot, and I mean a lot of work left in order to become the prime guy in Stockholm but hopefully next season I'm at the point where I'm able to at least play a good game for them. For now all I can do is continue on building myself up! I hopefully got a successful career ahead of me and I hope to spend it with the Vikings. 

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