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Making New Reuels


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Giovanni Reuel had a largely underwhelming rookie year producing at a leisurely pace. However he has vowed that the season was only a warmup and he is ready to show his worth in the playoffs. He made a point of coming to us for an official comment.


“All season I’ve been working on my possession game and on not making mistakes. I was coming off an injury in the offseason and I knew I had to be careful but it is playoffs, time for me to stand up. I have been working hard with TebowGow to work on my offensive game. I am hoping to get out there and not just trail the play but create it. I am playing to win the championship now and I will not be a passenger on the ride. I need to play with confidence and trust me when I say I have not felt this good in a long time.”


Reuel has been talking about building towards the playoffs all year and his talk bought him time with the Bern fan base. However the fans expect the Royals to bring home the championship, if they do not Reuel’s lack of production will likely be held to blame.


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