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Bears Make Finals?


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Well all season long the Quebec City Meute have been chirping about their dominance and how the Seattle Bears have been pretenders instead of contenders. The season started off with the preseason, which had the Bears start off strong and that is when somewhat of a rivalry was created. The Bears and Meute did plenty of talking back and forth throughout the season, but when the Bears took a down turn and the Meute took over the top spot in the standings, the result seemed like it was a foregone conclusion. So with a first round bye, the Meute and their GM Brovy started the trash talking up again, chirping about the Bears' eventual loss to the Legion. Of course, people were surprised by the Bears' sweep of Toronto, but the Bears weren't necessarily taken that far aback. They struggled down the stretch but the players knew all along that they needed new lines and strategies - what they had just wasn't working. 


So when a change came through from management, the team's play improved and the sweep wasn't overly surprising for Seattle. However, the next big test was the one they had been waiting for all season long and the one that the Meute had been scoffing at. They split the first two, which was probably more than Quebec thought would happen, but then the unthinkable. The next three games were taken by the Bears, completing a series win in just 5 games, sending the favorite Meute home with a huge amount of disappointment. So somehow, some way, this team of inactives and nobodies (other's words) have found their way into the finals. I suppose they were the ones without the jitters after all.

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