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Harumpf on Zoidberg


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Harumpf was very excited to hear his old linemate Sachimo Zoidberg was named GM of the Toronto Legion. As many know, because it's VHLM history, Harumpf and Zoidberg made up one of the most potent scoring lines the league has ever seen. Harumpf had 34 goals and 130 assists and Zoidberg had like 100 goals and 150 points, it was insane. Well the two formed quite a connection that season and even when enigmatic zuperstar Jody 3Moons came into the mix, it did not effect Harumpf and Zoidberg's chemistry. In fact Harumpf-Zoidberg-3Moons became a line and won Bratislava the championship that season. Anyway, what I am getting at is Harumpf is very proud of his old linemate Zoidberg and happy to see him in a GM role in the VHL. One of the best teammates and hardest working people you will find, Harumpf knows Zoidberg will do a great job with the Toronto franchise. We're not say that Harumpf is looking to go to Toronto to re-unite with Zoidberg per say, but more so that we wish Zoidberg well and know he will do a great job in Toronto. Congrats buddy, well deserved.



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