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Interview with Wesley Babiy


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Wesley Babiy is the hottest new prospect in the VHL.  The two-way centre looks to make his mark on the league as he declares for the draft just as the VHLM Finals are set to begin.  VHL.com sat down to get to know the young prospect.


VHL.com: Mr. Бабій, welcome to the League.  You certainly have one of the more unique names in this years draft.  Do you expect people to butcher your name, or is that something that doesn't bother you?


Babiy:  Obviously you get offended whenever anyone cannot say your name right.  I think that is human nature.  I do not think it is even a hard name to pronounce.  The letter "й" sounds like a "j" in English, but I don't get hung up on specifics.  In Ukrainian my name isn't even spelled correctly. "Ш" makes an "sh" sound, that is another story for another day though.


VHL.com:  So what can you tell us about your game?


Babiy:  I am a two-way forward.  I was taught growing up that keeping goals out of the net was just as important as putting them in.  My goal is to help my team by doing a little bit of both.


VHL.com:  Do you have a team you are hoping to sign with?


Babiy:  I just want to go onto a team that will help me get better.  I want to win too, but I am still so far away from the VHL that I have so much to learn.


VHL.com:  Congratulations on declaring for the draft.  We wish you the best of luck over these next few weeks.





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