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33 Year Old Gets Late Start


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Max Mølholt is officially a professional hockey player now, being picked up by the Ottawa Lynx for the end of the VHLM Regular Season. Mølholt intends to play in the VHL, but is for now in the minor league affiliate system. Max's sports agent has had some success in the VHL, namely with Jarkko Olsen. Olsen was from Finland and following the disappointment of the second player the agent represented, A.C. Savage, it seems that bringing Mølholt over is a return to that area, hoping for similar results. Max is from Denmark, but comes to the VHL at an unusual point in his career. Max is 33 years old, meaning that if he makes the VHL he will likely be 34 or maybe even 35. That makes him much older than the typical rookie and it will be interesting to see how he is able to compete and hold up against much younger competition.


Normally you might expect a much older player to have the advantage when it comes to experience, but Mølholt is relatively unexperienced. He has some playing time under his belt, but nothing that would significantly boost his value or that would give teams any indication that he might be at a higher level than some others. It will be interesting to see how teams evaluate Max, will his age play a role in determining how high he ends up being selected in the draft? We have a long time to see what he has to offer before we reach that point, but we are already intrigued. 

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