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Harumpf on Team Scandinavia


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After losing the S40 World Cup Gold Medal game to USA, Team Scandinavia is seeking revenge and their thirst can only be quenched with a Gold Medal. The S40 team was good, but this team is even better as everyone is improved. Team Captain Aksel Thomassen is a superstar in the VHL and that should carry over into the World Cup, especially since Harumpf will be setting him up for goals. Harumpf is a world class center, but on this team it's looking like Harumpf's elite playmaking skills will be used on the top line wing with Thomassen and Teuvo Ruutu. These guys are pretty lucky getting to play with Harumpf as he makes everyone instantly better. The second line is also looking great for Scandinavia with Sundberg, Kurri and Jakobsen. This top 6 can light the lamp with the best of them and will have Team Scandinavia as one of the tournament favorites. Their defense is also looking good with Fjorrstrom, Karlsson, Samuelsson and Jeddston and goaltending is strong with Gow and Skovsgard. Easily a gold medal team in Harumpf's opinion and with a few impending World Cup Harumpf'ings we like Team Scandinavia's chances.





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