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Claimed:McQueen Not All Smiles


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While Brennan McQueen is usually all "smiles" out on the ice, this has not been the case as of late. You may look at his stats and ask what is there to be wrong with his play? He has 33 goals and 54 points in 52 games, is leading the league in hits by a far margin as well as penalty minutes which means he is playing on the edge. So you may ask, what is there to be upset about?


"I had my eyes set on having an amazing season this year. I thought I could potentially be the best player in the league. I didn't set my goals to lead the league in points but I definitely thought goals wasn't out of reach. The rest of my game is up to par with what I expected but offensively it's not there for me. I thought I was a lock for the best two-way player in the league but I feel that that battle is being lost to Xin Xie Xiao who is obviously thriving more offensively than I am."


Xin Xie Xiao is having a great season, throwing the body almost as much as McQueen but offensively is where he really is out shining the Ottawa Lynx forward. He has 52 goals and 78 points which almost seems out of reach for McQueen to make it a competition for the award. What is good to speculate is that the best hockey he played was in the final stretch of last season where he managed to get up to point per game so hopefully that is the case again this season. Don't count on it though, especially with it seeming like he is out of his game.


"To be honest I kind of want my time in the VHLM to be over with. I'm just not with it right now and I want to start the important stage of my career and  that is the VHL. I hope I can bring up my confidence and passion before the playoffs start because I want to help the Lynx win a championship but right now I'm not in that mentality."


Even if McQueen isn't on top of his game there shouldn't be much worry for the Ottawa Lynx. The team is absolutely stacked on both offense and defense. There are four forwards that have more points than McQueen and six players in total. Jeevan Samuelsson is the most noteable who is not only leading the Lynx in points, but the whole league. He is a VHLM player for life but has dominated at this level for few seasons now. With a new acquisition and a bit of line juggling there is no doubt that Ottawa is the best team in the league and will be the favourite to go on to win the championship this season.


"I'm just frustrated to be honest. When you set your goals so high and don't meet them you beat yourself up about it. Some of the comments I made are not how I actually feel and I don't want this image on me. I don't ever expect to be a superstar but I expect to be a very good player. I'm ready to play in the big leagues right now."

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Content: 3/3 - I had six points in my first season in the VHL, so at least you beat that. You won't mind a lack of awards and whatnot in the VHLM once you get to the VHL and start to be an awesome player anyway.
Grammar: 2/2 - Pretty solid man.
out shining = out-shining
get up to point per game = get up to a/one point per game
and  that is the VHL = and that is the VHL (was an extra space inbetween and & that)
Appearance: 1/1 - You got a purty smile, boy.
Overall: 6/6 - Yup!
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Content: 3/3 - You've definitely picked up the pace offensively lately. If it wasn't for your cold stretch at the beginning of the season, there's no doubt in my mind McQueen would have exceeded the numbers he put up last year. Unless you're someone like Jeevan Samuelsson, VHLM numbers don't mean anything. I'm sure McQueen will put up numbers once in the VHL.


Grammar: 2/2 - I didn't notice anything else.


Appearance: 1/1 - Solid.


Overall: 6/6


FINAL: 6/6

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