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Bob Saget Harassing VHL Players?


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Bob Saget Harassing VHL Players?



NEW YORK - Bizarre reports out of New York today, as several players of the Americans have filed a grievance with the VHL today. However, the grievance is the oddity, as nowhere in the complaint is the team's record, style of management or Alex Mason's harassment issues mentioned even once. The team has apparently been victimized and plagued by the rogue actions of an angered fan at virtually every home game played by the Americans this season. The truly perplexing factor of this story is the alleged identity of the fan: Bob Saget.


Americans center Dwayne Chocolate has gone on record to state that Saget has shone a laser pointer into the eyes of himself and other teammates. The laser is reportedly strong enough to etch designs in the ice, which Atticus von Braxton III has said usually tends to be a penis drawn directly in front of the goalie. Very loud outbursts have also been witnessed, with Saget typically screaming, "THERE'S SHIT EVERYWHERE!" Players have typically responded to this by screaming, "AH BOB SAGET!" or "OH BOB SAAAAGET!" which at the very least has brought some entertainment to the home crowd in New York.


The players have demanded that Saget be barred from attending any VHL or VHLM arena in order to prevent further abuses. The VHL/VHLM Player's Union is preparing to take the case for the players and put their full might into it, meaning New York could once again only have the player's names in the program to enjoy this season.


Jethro Novacek is a writer for the MSFL Times and has plenty of room in his home for whatever he does, you nosy bastard. He enjoys depriving nuns of their rulers, walking into womens' homes and disinfecting their vegetables and reading a good book every now and then.

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Holy crap. Bob Saget surely is invading both of our minds... I seem to be worse off (or better off? This is Bob Saget after all).

This is true, it's a sad sight when Bob Saget invades any mind.

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