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So guys


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Center Steven Stamkos is currently weighing his options after his career in the VHL. He's thinking of going to school to study something. He thinks he wants to study history or become a judge. In all honesty this is about me and my wonderings about studying stuff in college. What do you guys think? I kindof really like studying history. Although if i do take up history i really dont know what id do with it in all honesty. All i can really see myself becoming is a socials or history teacher. I also want to do something with law, like a lawyer or a paralegal. Anything really with law strikes my interest. What do you guys do and what would you guys do? Maybe I could do both but thats a lot of work and school. #firstworldproblems. I took a test and thats the stuff that came up for what i can do, Also an auditor was on that list and i didn't sound that bad. I dont know though guys. I dont wanna grow up. 

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 I dont wanna grow up. 


Most of the time I like being older and in college. Then there are the days where I'm swamped with work when I wish I could go back to middle school and just play with my friends all day or just sit and play video games for hours on end.

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