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  1. Toronto Sucks. 3 game win streak right now
  2. i scored a goal, so i have that going for me which is nice. also suck on that TO
  3. i scored a goal, so i have that going for me which is nice
  4. @BluObieZ Shawn Muller / SWC3 FISTED ANALLY BY A CIRCUS MONKEY. should have stayed with me. we were quite the unlikely duo
  5. 1.The New Captains have been announced. What do you think of the choices? I think they're good. Palo is the leader and another vet plus 2nd overall Freeman. 2. Any words of advice to the captains? None, I think they'll do fine this season. 3. How do you feel about the start of our season? I think we are doing awesome. 6-1-1 tops in the league. 4. How have you been playing as of late? 5 points in 8 games isnt that bad, so let's hope for at least 72 points this season. 5. Do you think we are doing the right things in order to succeed this season? Practice every week nothing has changed at all
  6. Since I apparently missed these, I'll be doing some catch up work. To Calgary: Greinke Season 20 Madrid 1st (Keyvn Hesje) To Toronto: Lars Berger Grienke ended up playing just 1 season in Calgary putting up a paltry 39 points. Lars Berger put up 142 points in S20 plus another 13 in the playoffs as the Legion went to the finals. Lars Berger further put up another 100 points in S21 plus 9 more points as the Legion went to win the Continental Cup. Berger exploded for 120 points in S22 plus 14 more in the playoffs as the Legion went to another finals but ultimately lost. After Season 22, Berger left the Legion. Hesje is quickly traded Easy to say David Knight just bent over Jardy to win this trade. @JardyB10 @Knight To Calgary: Season 20 Helsinki 1st (Lars Intranqilo) (1 Cup, 406 P in 486 GP) Season 20 New York 2nd (Turd Ferguson) To Helsinki: Season 20 Madrid 1st (Keyvn Hesje) (1 Cup, 425 points in 360 GP plus 24 in the playoffs) Season 20 Davos 2nd (Sarmad Khan) (253 P in 271 GP plus 10 more in the playoffs) Season 20 Calgary 3rd (Jay Shields) Interesting trade here as Lars ends up being one of the bright spots on the rebuilding Wranglers squad with his 486 games played and 405 points. He is the highest scoring defenseman in Wranglers history up to S35. Turd as we know never plays for Calgary. Hesje has a modest 47 points in S20, but he quickly improves to 106 points in S21, then in S22 he drops down to just 87 points but adds 12 points in 13 games as the Titans went on to win the Continental Cup against the very same Legion squad I talked about before this trade that had Lars Berger. In S23, Hesje scored 94 points in that season and had 9 points in a CC loss to the Wranglers. Khan plays in his first VHL season with 42 points plus 7 more in the playoffs. Hesje seems to have plateaued at the 90 points mark as he puts up another 91 point season but has just 3 points in 5 games during the playoffs. Khan has 0 points in the same series. He did however put up 49 points in the regular season. Khan broke out for 72 points this season but the Titans missed the playoffs. Hesje now plys his trade for the Riga Reign. Khan fell back down to earth a little but had a nice 57 point season plus 3 more in the playoffs. Khan put up 33 points in 55 games with Helsinki before being traded to the Wranglers as this trade came full circle. I think Calgary took the L on this one too. @Kendrick Jardy 0-2 trading record so far.
  7. GM: Jason Glasser (648/398/203/47/843) Former GM(s): Jardy Bunclewirth (504/172/307/25/369) Record (after S20): 1,152 GP | 570 W | 510 L | 72 OTL | 1,212 P | 3,580 GF | 3,805 GA Playoff Record (after S20): 95 GP | 49 W | 35 L | 11 OTL | 3-1 vs TOR, 1-1 SEA, 1-1 vs HEL, 1-1 vs QUE, 1-0 vs DAV, 1-3 vs NYA Season 35 VHL Entry Draft No Picks Trades (season): None Season 35 Regular Season - 72 GP | 52 W | 15 L | 5 OTL | 109 P | 298 GF | 150 GA The Calgary Wranglers improved upon last seasons totals but still end up in 2nd place in the Conference. New addition to the team Michal Wozniak had a huge performance in his debut season scoring 72 goals and 82 assists for 154 points in just 72 games. Rybak continued to dominate in his 8th and final season putting up 64 goals and 73 assists for 137 points. Chico Salmon broke out in his 4th season riding shotgun with this duo and he put up 56 goals and 75 assists for 131 points. Newly minted defenseman Clark Marcellin proved to be the number 1 defenseman and basically only defenseman the last two seasons scored 21 goals and an amazing 96 assists for 117 points. Felix Zamora also had a mini breakout with 41 goals and 55 assists for 96 points. Rookie Simon Tremblay chipped in with 76 points. New goaltender Alexander Labatte won 44 games with an amazing 13 shutouts and 8 assists to go along with a 0.922 save percentage and 2.10 G.A.A. Season 35 Playoffs - 14 GP | 7 W | 7 L | 0 OTL | Win vs Toronto Legion, Loss vs Quebec City Meute In the playoffs, the Calgary Wranglers would play against the Toronto Legion whom they have had some success against in the playoffs beating them 2 times before while just losing once. The Wranglers and Legion split the first 2 games before Toronto won the next two in Toronto by a combined score of 9-4 so the games weren't particularly close. Facing elimination in Calgary, the Wranglers were able to pull off the win in O.T. Michal Wozniak kept the season alive 15 minutes into O.T. Heading back to Toronto, many expected the Legion to win but this game also went into O.T. It was such a crazy game that saw Volodmryr Ryabak ejected in the 2nd period after a fight with Smooth Jive. It looked like the writing was on the wall after the period ended at 2-2. Calgary was down one of their top forwards with the 3rd to play. Toronto scored to make it 3-2 before Clark Marcellin scored with just 3 minutes to go in the game. OT 1 and 2 had not much but all hell broke lose in OT 3. 11:56 into OT 3, not 1 but 2 fights broke out as Dan Tremblay and Felix Zamora fought to a draw while Teemu Lehtinen and Clark Macellin got into one as well. Lehtinen beat up Marcellin but Marcellin got the last laugh as Teemu was kicked from the game. Jamie Shetler and Niklas Lingberg took minor penalties compared to Lars Lessio taking 1 so Calgary ended up with a PP after this whole thing. However, with Lessio and Marcellin in the box the Wranglers had no defenseman (had bots but I mean c'mon). Michal Wozniak extended the series once more scoring the OT winner in back to back games. It was a wild Game 6 to say the least. Alexander Labatte stopped 74 of 77 shots to preserve the win. The Wranglers wound up winning Game 7 at home showing everyone the 3-1 series curse is real. In the next series, the Wranglers have won their previous series against Quebec and they were just coming off their epic 3-1 comeback. In Quebec, both teams split wins with shut out wins. In Calgary, the Meute rattled off 2 wins by a combined score of 7-3. 3-1 series curse activate? The Wranglers headed back to Quebec and ended up winning the game 2-1. Back in Calgary, it was the Labatte show who shut out the Meute on 27 shots while Wrangler legends at this points, Rybak and Marcellin both had 1 G and 1 A. Game 7 back in Quebec though was the end. There was no 3-1 series comeback but it was close. Quebec scores 3 in the first and Chico Salmon scores in the 3rd but its not enough. Chico Salmon had a great playoff showing with 19 points including 8 goals. Wozniak and Felix Zamora had 13 points each. Rybak, Simon Tremblay and Marcellin had 11 points each. Labatte had himself a playoff showing with 7-7-0 and a 0.933 save percentage and a 2.25 G.A.A with 2 shutouts. Trades (off-season): To (S33) C - Felix Zamora's rightsTo (S33) C - Keiji Toriyama It appeared that Zamora was going to be a Free Agent and was going to leave so GM Jason Gasser decided to trade him for fellow C Keiji Toriyama who was coming off a 92 point season split between Davos and Seattle. To (S33) C - Keiji Toriyama(S34) LW - Simon TremblayTo S37 VAS 2nd (D Penis Anthony Hudson)S37 DAV 2nd (C Kez Kincaid) Well that didn't last long, Toriyama and Simon Tremblay (coming off a 76 points rookie season) were traded for 2 2nd round picks 2 seasons from now. The picks didn't turn out to much so I think this was a bad trade. To S37 VAS 2nd (D Penis Anthony Hudson)S38 CGY 3rd (D Pierre-Luc Tanguay)To S36 TOR 2nd (D Kaspars Tzisling) Not long after hanging up the phone with New York, Jason phoned up Toronto to trade the new Vasteras 2nd he received plus a S38 Calgary 3rd for a S36 Toronto 2nd so he can pick up a defenseman he clearly wanted. Which was a good move as Marcellin was getting older and there were literally no other defenseman who contributed the last 2 seasons. To (S32) LW - Chico SalmonTo (S36) C - DuJuan Cook Not long after their first deal, Jason and Toronto made another deal sending Chico Salmon to Toronto for DuJuan Cook who was just drafted in a 1 for 1 trade. In hindsight, it's easy for me to say that these trades except for the 1st one and maybe the 3rd one are wins for Calgary. Getting Toriyama for a leaving Zamora was a coup. However trading him and a nice looking rookie for 2 2nds? Not good. However flipping once said 2nd and a 3rd for a need on defense was pretty slick. Chico Salmon for a unknown rookie? pretty risky. Season 35 VHL Entry Draft Round 2, Pick 16: Kaspars Tszlings Awards: Scotty Campbell - Michal Wozniak Brett Slobodzian - Michal Wozniak Mike Szatkowski - Michal Wozniak Kevin Brooks - Michal Wozniak Alexander Beketov - Clark Marcellin Sterling Labatte - Clark Marcellin Scott Boulet - Volodmryr Rybak Dustin Funk - Michal Wozniak Overall: Rybak solidifies himself on top of the mountain with 884 points in his 8 season VHL Career. He finishes just 2 goals short of 400 in his career which really is a shame. He leads the team in Games (576), Goals (398), Assists (486), Points (884), +/- (+369) and shots (3,821). Clark Marcellin moves to the number 2 spot passing Alexander Chershenko who had 646 points, Marcellin has 650. He is one of 2 Wranglers to reach 1000 PIM. He leads in hits (1,742) as well as being 2nd in shots blocked with 656. Chico Salmon jumps into the top 10 with 107 goals, 164 assists and 271 points in 4 seasons. Felix Zamora breaks the 200 points plateau as well and is 13th with 96 goals and 133 assists for 229 points. Wozniak jumps all the way to 20th with his magical 1 season in Calgary. Tremblay jumps into the top 30 with 72 points. Lars Lessio is in the late 50's with his putrid 6 point performance. Labatte jumps to 3rd in wins with 44. His .922 save percentage is also 3rd as his G.A.A of 2.10 is also 3rd. His 13 shutouts and 8 assists are also 3rd. Rybak again is top dog in the playoff scoring with 94 points in 76 games. Marcellin, Salmon and Zamora come in at 3rd, 4th and 5th with 59, 40 and 38 points respectively. Wozniak is tied for 15th with 13 points. Labatte is tied for 4th in wins with 7 but his 0.933 save percentage ties Joey Clarence for best amongst all Wrangler playoff goalies. Calgary Wrangler Player Stats
  8. accepted. Vancouver needs an actual GM. promote @eaglesfan036