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  1. the whole thread about DT freaking out about it being the Jardy Hockey League because he couldn't figure out how to tell time @JardyB10 @Trifecta Oregon Trail where everyone killed and ate @James
  2. GM: Jardy Bunclewirth Record (after S20): 360 GP | 152 W | 185 L | 23 OTL | 327 P | 1,148 GF | 1,400 GA Playoff Record (after S20): 19 GP | 11 W | 7 L | 1 OTL | 1-1 vs TOR, 1-0 vs HEL Season 23 VHL Entry Draft Round 2, Pick 13: Andreas LaFontaine The Season 23 Draft wasn't a strong one with just 2 HoF players. The Wranglers traded away 1st and 3rd round picks so they just had a 2nd round pick and used it on Andreas LaFontaine. Season 24 Regular Season - 72 GP | 20 W | 47 L | 5 OTL | 45 P | 121 GF | 271 GA After winning the Season 23 Continental Cup, the Calgary Wranglers went into a rebuild and sold off what they could since Jardy Bunclewirth was retiring. The Wranglers fell in the standings to 3rd in the NA standings with just 45 points. They sold off a majority of their roster during the season as the rebuild was in full swing. The Wranglers missed the playoffs by 30 points but I am sure management didn't care too much since the team had just won their VHL leading 6th Continental Cup. The leading scorer on the team was Lars Intranquilo, yes the shutdown defensive defenseman ended up leading the team in scoring with 40 points. Derek Boogaard technically led the team in scoring with a combined 43 points in 3 stops during the season but only 10 of those points came with the Wranglers. The 2nd leading scorer to spend the whole season in Calgary was Jeff Dar, yes another defensive defenseman with 32 points. That should tell you exactly what kind of season the Wranglers had. Goaltender *redacted* had a very tough season with a 1-30-1 record which included a 0.846 save percentage and a 5.47 G.A.A. Season 24 Playoffs - N/A The Calgary Wranglers didn't qualify for the playoffs in Season 24. Trades: Not available until Season 35 Awards: No Wranglers won any awards in Season 24. Overall: After a quik rebuild that lasted 2 seasons, the Wranglers entered another one after winning the Cup. This, the first season, of the rebuild went as expected, missing the playoffs in hopes of a high draft pick. The team was torn down to bare bones as no one scored more than 43 points and the goaltender had a 1-30-1 record and barely stopped 85 percent of the shots. If this rebuild is anything like the last, it won't be very long. The Calgary Wranglers aren't known for long rebuild if their first 23 seasons tell us anything. Lars Intranquilo climbs into top 5 in team career regular season scoring with 225 points which is 5th. He is one of only 5 players to reach 200 career points in a Wrangler uniform since Season 20. Lars also leads the team in PIM, one of only 2 players to reach 1000 hits and is the leader in shots blocked with 565. Calgary Wranglers Career Stats
  3. dont you ever disrespect Robert fuckin Zimmers like that ever again. but yes he is a pussy
  4. Review I support more than 2 lines if the numbers support it. I don't want rapid expansion because it would create so much un-sustainability (who knew this wasn't a word apparently). I think a higher cap will come into the play after the S67 Draft as it is going to be another good one much like the S66 draft.
  5. Review These are always a blast to read. Since you're such a rich guy you should fly us out to you and we will make this a movie. hey guys @tfong @DollarAndADream @Quik @Beketov @BluObieZ
  6. Review Nice simple MS about moving from QC to Van. come back @Bonzaijoe
  7. Review I think this was well written. I like reading your thoughts about league. I think it is best right now to stay the course with 10 teams and see how many of these new members stay active. It would be extremely hasty to expand right away and say most of these new guys do go inactive. then we expanded without seeing how it would play out. I think it'd be just like how SBA is expanding. just see how it plays out. then expand if need be
  8. 1 Europe 2 Canada 3 USA MVP Shawnomir Jagr
  9. Shawnomir Jagr has been named to the Europe World Junior squad despite struggling a little bit in his rookie season. Jagr has scored only 5 goals and assisted on 2 goals for a measly 7 points in 29 games so far this season. That is only going to amount to about 17 points through 72 games. That is the definition of a tough season. Everyone else on the team has over double the points Jagr has. Jagr is on pace for just 12 goals on the year. Despite this struggle, Jagr was the first player named to the Europe squad. He looks to bring experience back from last seasons Gold Medal win where he played well. Maybe against players around his age and tpe level (and a bit worse tpe wise), Jagr will break out and have a good tournament and better 2nd half of his season. Overall though, when I thought this season started, I had a outside chance at getting the RoY but boy was I wrong.