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  1. its funny im going to win when i dont have a player on a team
  2. We are nearing the current state of the league as now we are gone through Season 20 to Season 59 which is 40 seasons. Let's look at who is tops in win percentage and records through 40 seasons. 1 - New York Americans - Previously 1st 2,880 GP - 1,633 W - 1,060 L - 187 OTL - 3,470 P - 8,473 GF - 7,455 GA - 2.94 GFA - 2.59 GAA - 26 Playoffs - 14 Playoff Misses - 5 Victory Cup Wins - 0.567 Win % New York retains top spot with 1,633 wins, making them the only team through 40 seasons with over 1,600 wins. However, they only managed 369 wins over the 50's which is not as
  3. 1. Do you think we have a rivalry with any other VHL team? Who would it be if so? I think the Americans as one of the original teams have a rivalry with the Wranglers more than anyteam for some reason. 2. What is the best outcome from this season for NYA? Winning 1st OA in the lottery to add to our current core of prospects 3. Who has the best fans in the VHL? NYA 4. Dogs or Cats? Dogs 5. Have you checked out the 2020 VHL Holiday Bonanza? Which part interests you the most? All Of it 6. What is your favourite holiday movie?
  4. Not much was expected of the Americans this year but here they are at 17-31-6 for 40 points which is 2nd last in the VHL but their -46 goal differential is actually not too bad considering. The Americans are a very young team and that shows great signs for the team moving forward. Rookie Shawn Andrei Zyuzin has been pretty good coming in as a under developed rookie, scoring 4 goals and assisting on 12 goals for 16 points. He is -11 with 223 hits and 111 shots blocked showing some great signs as a young defenseman. Now sitting at 265 TPE, SAZ has reached the VHL at a level where most rookies te
  5. thats more like it a couple of 1 goal losses, 1 in OT and i scored a goal!
  6. 2 blow out losses is no bueno
  7. couple of close losses. oh well
  8. the New York Americans sit at 9-17-4 for 22 points through 30 games which is right where you expect this young team to be. They are fighting Los Angeles for the last spot in the North American conference and last overall in the VHL for that matter. It must not be good for the two biggest markets in the VHL to be battling it out for the last spot in the league. Since New York Rangers and New York Islanders are good, the hockey fans may not look this way by the time the NHL starts back up again. Oh well, like the Rangers, the Americans are in the midst of a rebuild or retool? We don't know what
  9. i dont understand why you just want to only play for davos
  10. 1. It's December! What is your favourite part of the holidays? I like spending time with my family, nothing like being with the people you love. 2. The GM Player claim has been abolished. How do you feel about it? I think it is the best move they could have done. Either have them be drafted where they end up or just put them on the teams without draft, there is no inbetween. 3. We currently have 92 Goals for, which is better than 4 other teams, and only 1 behind the NA conference leading Calgary Wranglers. Why have we struggled to keep the puck out of our own net?