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  1. another announcement that @Beaviss did that sucks. can we fire this guy already
  2. beaviss you suck. everything you do makes the VHL worse
  3. benches the number 1 goalie in a elimination game?! fuck @Beaviss and sths
  4. Bets today: Florida over LA STL over Arizona Winnipeg over Ottawa San Jose over Jersey Washington over Montreal Pittsburgh over Toronto Columbus over Philly
  5. lets hope for a Vettel comeback this since. Lewis Hamilton can suck it
  6. bets on the docket today Colorado over NYI Florida over Anaheim Vancouver over Minnesota Edmonton over Boston Dallas over Arizona NYR over Chicago
  7. 4/5 on the bets. I fucking hate Montreal and Detroit. I find myself betting for MTL to win and they lose a lot and i think the last 5 times I bet for Detroit to lose they win
  8. just put some money back in the account betting big on Jersey and Red Wings last month to lose cost me most of my dough. threw some money down on the favorites today to win. Pittsburgh over Toronto Philly over Columbus Winnipeg over LA St.Louis over Jersey Montreal over Red Wings
  9. Foomba turned into a brick wall