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  1. TheLastOlympian07

    HSK/SEA ; S62

    hmm lets look back at seasons where CGY did amazing. S1 - 69-3 - lost in the final S47 (i think) 65+ wins - lost in the semis. this season will just add to the misery of CGY and their dominating teams
  2. TheLastOlympian07

    QUE/NYA ; S62

    ok Bernie Gow
  3. TheLastOlympian07

    QUE/NYA ; S62

  4. TheLastOlympian07

    S62 WJC Discussion

    team world coming for dat ass
  5. TheLastOlympian07

    Team World Roster

    Thats where you're wrong kiddo. he missed out by 1 TPE. sucks to suck
  6. TheLastOlympian07

    Team World Roster

    he knows i like it rough. and to be fair. i didnt know who was in/active. i tried to go by TPE update log on the player links that were provided. thats a big my bad Tyler Smith, I totally missed your name on the list.
  7. TheLastOlympian07

    HSK/DAV ; S62

    welcome @boubabi
  8. TheLastOlympian07

    Team World Roster

    Hello everyone, Thanks for the chance to get back into the GMing game. I have been away basically all summer because of personal reasons but I am back now and It is great to see the VHL still going strong. Everyone looks to be enjoying themselves and the VHLM is stronger than ever. Without further adieu, here is the Team World Roster. Forwards C - Chris F - @ChrisF C - Brylon James - @Trifecta C - Matthew Keller - @Jepox LW - Chace Trepanier - @ChaceT LW - Athanasios Andrianopoulos - @803 RW - Patrick Triscuit - @Sami K RW - Jessy Thomas - @Jtww RW - Jakub Vilhjalmsson - @Týr RW - Joey Boucher - @joeyboucher1 Defenseman D - Lew Bronstein - @troy D - Ryan Kastelic - @Enorama D - Joseph McWolf - @McWolf D - Paulo Nano - @leafsman Goalies G - Cole Mertz - @ColeMrtz21 G - Tyler Smith - @DrHexDex
  9. TheLastOlympian07

    S62 WJC GMs Announced

    thanks, thats what I was waiting for. other to complete their rosters. will have a roster up shortly
  10. TheLastOlympian07

    GM 117: Legion vs. HC Dynamo

    my shutout streak ends at 137 minutes
  11. TheLastOlympian07

    GM 112: Titans vs. HC Dynamo

    back to back shutouts. is this real life
  12. TheLastOlympian07

    GM 110: HC Dynamo vs. Reign

    i got a shutout. rigged
  13. TheLastOlympian07

    GM 106: HC Dynamo vs. Wranglers

    the one time i didnt play THAT bad
  14. TheLastOlympian07

    Welfare / Pension (August 27th - September 2nd)

    I'll Take 6 this week. fuck im lazy
  15. TheLastOlympian07

    Best teams to never win a cup

    milos denis the playoff hero #80%ofhisplayoffpointscameina5gameseries remember when @eaglesfan036 voted for Denis to win the Playoff MVP