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  1. ever since the Prem got moved to Dazn in Canada, i havent been following as much as Id like, why did Poch get let go?
  2. i can totally see how Bana was tying to dump cap to all other gms. heres my player, i need to dump him, do me a favor, give me a 1st round pick and take his salary so i can find free agents "no" well youre an idiot. this is a good player you have to pay the price. 'you're trying to make me do you a favor by taking a player and give you a 1st' im the best, i never lose trades. its my offer or nothing
  3. good thing instead of signing Slade for 1 season you guys went for 0 seasons!
  4. shit id be unhappy too if I had to play for Calgary or Davos
  5. 4. Vancouver Wolves , Julius Freeman 5 (Diljodh Starload 7, β-QUE G) at 19:44 (PP) QUE-G just does it all, hes the PP QB now.
  6. lol so instead of just signing you for 1 season seattle just said lets not sign him at all? what kind of backwards thinking is this?
  7. we are in a point in time where if Victor wants to say something whether asked or not, we listen to what he has to say about a topic.