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  1. man, the names in this thread. all used to have so much power in the VHL now they all have the generic members under their names. oh how times have changed
  2. omg i scored a goal. apparently we can also beat riga regularly
  3. well at least we won. why is Jagr such shit
  4. the good news, we scored the first and last goal of the game. the bad news, we let in 5 in the middle
  5. I dont always score a goal but i when i dont, i dont
  6. two weirdd things happened. I got a point and Kingfisher got a shutout
  7. Jericho hacking kesler lmaooo never 5get this is the Victory Hockey League not the Jardy Hockey League @JardyB10 #jeffership #RIPJames
  8. F - Scot Cambell F - Keyvan Brook G - Alex Creath
  9. my only goalie played for both of the top 2 teams. and was the goalie who broke the Davos curse. fitting that i hated that player