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  1. TheLastOlympian07

    S64 Trivia Week 1 - A New Dawn

    using google would be a lot easier than having 1 million pm's
  2. TheLastOlympian07

    Jerwa step away from demanding a trade

    my lasting legacy
  3. TheLastOlympian07

    Finals GM 2: TNG vs VIKING

    well we tried
  4. TheLastOlympian07

    Finals GM 1: TNG vs VIKING

    sees we made the final... loses 7-1
  5. TheLastOlympian07

    GM 8: Jolt Juice vs TNG

    look at us go
  6. TheLastOlympian07

    GM 4: NETFLEX vs TNG

  7. TheLastOlympian07

    GM 2: TNG vs Haterade

  8. TheLastOlympian07

    [S64] Player Store and Balances

    @Beketov @Will can you fix my update page with the new depreciation thanks babe Player Name: Shawn Brodeur VHL/VHLM Team: Toronto Legion Cash you have: 25.250 Million Purchase Name: Old but not Forgotten Cost of Purchase: 12 million Cash Left: 13.250 Million
  9. TheLastOlympian07

    VHLM Franchise Rankings Part 1

    claiming week 10-16
  10. TheLastOlympian07

    2018 Holiday Bonus!

    i like number 3
  11. TheLastOlympian07

    World Building in the VHL

    hah weenie
  12. TheLastOlympian07

    2018-2019 NHL Discussion

    inb4 he turns in Markus Naslund
  13. TheLastOlympian07

    Brodeur and Toronto Out

    The Toronto Legion snuck into the playoff in the last week of the regular season and would end up playing the Quebec City Meute in the wildcard round. Not many expected the Legion to win BUT GUESS WHAT. They won. Wait what, no they didn't they lost as expected but it was a successful season over all because the Legion were seen as missing the playoffs at the beginning of the season and in the off-season when they traded for some Davos players. In the playoffs, Shawn Brodeur made 49 saves on 56 shots, as the Legion lost by a combined score of 7-4 over the two games. It wasn't a bad playoffs at all for the legion as they lost 3.5 to 2 goals on average per game. It was not the best playoffs for the Legion but it wasn't the worst. In the end, the Legion look forward to building in the new year as now Sebastian Ironside will be moving on as well as Brodeur moving into his last season of VHL eligibility. The Legion have Helsinki's 1st round pick so they will get a lottery pick despite making the playoffs which is always great.
  14. TheLastOlympian07

    VHLM Franchise Rankings Part 1

    claiming for Dec 3-9