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Max Mølholt is currently on a historic pace for the Toronto Legion. Now, I should preface this by saying that I don't expect this hot start to be replicated over the course of an entire season, we're just over a quarter of the way through the season, so there is a lot of time left. Right now, the Legion are on the all-out offensive, knowing that they aren't truly competitive yet, they are trying to snag wins with impressive offense and hope for the best. That being said, Max has been benefitting from this approach and is thriving in this environment.

Through 19 games, Max has 22 goals and 20 assists (42 points). He's 1st in goals and 5th in assists. He has 18 points more than the next highest scoring right wing. Right now, Molholt is on pace to be in some pretty high places in the history of the VHL. If Max keeps his current pace, he'd pick up 159 points for the season. This would tie him with Mike Szatkowski for the 6th highest total of all-time, which Mike accomplished in S8. He would still be 31 points shy of Scotty Campbell's 190 point season. Max would be the first person to crack the Top 25 since Michal Wozniak in S35, over 10 seasons ago. Max just needs 145 to crack the Top 25 list at all, which would still be a great accomplishment, as only three players have made the list since S30 (really, S27). 

The goals total is perhaps more interesting, as Max could end the season with 83 goals if he kept up his scoring output. That would put him in sole possession of the 3rd best goal scoring season of all-time, behind only Scotty Campbell (twice), with 89 being the highest mark. Max would again be the first person to crack the list since Michal Wozniak in S35, with only Wozniak, Phil Rafter and Jarvis Baldwin being the only three to make the list since S27. Max only needs 68 goals to make the list at all, which gives him some room for fading off. 

Some problems facing Max? One, he's on a ridiculous pace that is likely unrealistic to keep up, already having some major scoring games that likely won't be recreated this year. Two, teammate Joseph Roy III has been a great help and might not be with the team all season long, as he could be a potential deadline trade target for a team contending. Third, Max is incredibly young and much less developed than a lot of stars in the league. While he had a good rookie season, usually there is some drop-off, and that drop-off could be coming soon. For now though, it has been fun. 

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