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Claimed:Davos Coach Terence Fong Shortlisted for VHLM Management


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Davos Coach Terence Fong Shortlisted for VHLM Management





Rumors have been flying around that S35 Davos coach Terence Fong has been slated for a team management position in the VHLM for the upcoming season. There hasn`t been any confirmation on whether or not Terence Fong is aiming for a general manager position, but it is a good bet that teams may be calling on him to join their front offices. These rumours have included the Minot Gladiators and the Bern Royals. Minot’s general manager was recently promoted to a VHL team and the rumour mill has been churning that former VHL GM Bushito may be interested in taking over that team, leaving an opening in his current team in Bern. Terence Fong has long been affiliated with the European Conference and is considered one of the top prospective managers waiting in the wings these days.


Fong has recently met with success, coaching the S35 HC Davos to a playoff berth one season after they were the worst team in the league. Players and team management have been delighted at his results and have had nothing but good things to say about him.


“Fong took Thomas Landry, a purely skilled player that liked to work the perimeter of the game, and turned him into a monster on the ice. The difference was like David and Goliath. Landry in S34 had 30 points in 72 games, including 10 goals but only 2 hits in the game, and was never named a number one star. In S35 under Fong’s coaching, Landry recorded 319 hits, vaulting him into the list of the most punishing players on the ice. His goal totals jumped from 10 to 26, his points increased to 59 and he earned 4 first stars and 6 second star placements. He was used in all key situations and turned himself into a player that every coach would love to have an entire roster of.” – Anonymous Davos Coach


 Fong also worked closely with rising star goaltender Lennox Moher, who struggled throughout the season at times but as Fong noted, “One of the hardest working players I’ve ever seen and has the potential to be the next great Davos goaltender like Devereaux and Kanou” Pretty high praise from someone that helped to develop the great goaltending legend Daisuke Kanou who is credited with helping craft a Davos dynasty during his time.




While Fong couldn’t help the Dynamo get past the first round of the playoffs, he did manage a winning record of 39-33, only one season displaced from when Davos had only 9 wins in the season. He could be a very good pickup as a GM for any of the young VHLM teams, his track record in development of youth players has been outstanding thus far in his post player history and his winning history in teams he joins surely makes him a top candidate for a front office position.


“I think, after several years I have learned what it takes to manage a team. I’ve gained experience in key roles, like director of Asia hockey where we have built up a great foundation for future hockey players from across the ocean. I’ve had the honor of coaching and working closely with the front office in Davos as well and I’ve gained valuable insight consulting with some of the greatest general managers in VHL history. I’d like the opportunity if one is presented to get a team over in Asia really, I think it will help the game there quite a bit and I have every confidence that the hockey market can thrive and prove to be beneficial. Won’t know of course till later on, but I have been in contact with league officials on this matter, hopefully I’ll see in a few days what their decision will be.” – Terence Fong

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Content: 3/3- As a former general manager in the VHLM, I would love to see you get a team. I believe you could do a fine job as a general manager and new members could look up to you as a person who definetly knows what they are doing, given your previous success throughout the league's history. Good luck on getting the job and you have my endorsement on the matter.


Grammar: 2/2- Just these two punctuational errors but nothing to serious 


Daisuke Kanou who = Daisuke Kanou, who 

history and = history, and


Appearance: 1/1- I always saw Fong as more of a Bruce Lee kinda Asian 


Overall: 6/6

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