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  1. 1) I'm going to stay off social media before and during the games. I plan to leave my cell phone in the locker-room instead of using it on the bench. 2) The refs were bribed almost every time we went over the blue line they called icing. 3) I like to think I run the radio around here. I keep it on sirius XM Octane some hard rock. 4) Most memorable moment is when I was traded here from Ottawa. 5) I am definitely underperforming this playoffs compared to last season. With another year under my belt I expected big things. 6) Get everyone on to play a game together Friday Fun Day.
  2. 1) The winner take all you can lose and have the season be over at any moment makes playoffs more exciting. NHL/VHL/MLB/NBA regular season games just don't have any where close to the appeal of a playoff scenario. 2) Since I'm late to this we are up 3-2 right now. I fully expect us to win the next game and take the series 4-2. 3) Got to give the MVP hat to the GMs for putting the team together before the trade deadline. 4) Regular season goal increase from last season to this has been tremendous. 5) If we finish beating SSK then them. If we end up losing then Mexico 6) I've been VHLM skill capped for a while now so no focus on improving right now. Just trying to give it all and win without setting my sight on VHL just yet.
  3. First star expected big numbers in a 6-1 victory 2 assists lol.
  4. Make The VHL Great Again Vote For Mike.
  5. 1) Lies the Buffalo Bills are the best team with the best fans. 2) DMaximus: Reaper's Overlord & GM 3) I haven't spent any time personally talking to Victor but reminds me of myself at the start of sim leagues bright eyed and bushy tailed. 4) I've cleared the 250 TPE a few weeks back so definitely end of VHLM Career. It has been short and sweet 2 seasons have flown bye. I'm hoping for another cup win get that repeat. 5) What? lol 6) Best part about the Reaper LR is they don't bother me. Dmaximus overlord and GM gave me my requested corner locker-room by the exit door. I'm the last one to arrive to practice each day and the first one to leave. You won't see me showering in the locker-room. I get in and get out.
  6. 1) Well seeing as I'm one of these players and I've already been with the Lynx Squad it has to be one of the newer players. Maybe Adam Syreck. 2) From a dynasty overall sort of perspective I was hoping Lynx could repeat. Things didn't look like they were headed that way though so I'm glad I was trading to a team aggressively trying to win. 3) Miami that heat & humidity plus that town is not my scene. 4) Don't know that I've really met or talked to him much yet. 5) I'm a big fan of shootouts in reality but not as much when it is us with the chance to lose. I'd like to think I'm the best shootout specialist in practice but that's probably not the case. 6) Kind of a fake here in Benjamin Franklin. He was born in Boston but spent a lot of his life in philly and more well known for that.
  7. Elo should change next update Lynx big trade with Reapers today.