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  1. TPE: 53 + 7 = 60 Scoring: 63 + 7 = 70 3 TPE Full Memory Participation 4 TPE Welfare
  2. My day 7 memory is having the points trophy named after my first player. I worked really hard in those early days glad it paid off 57 seasons later still near the top.
  3. Day 6 memory is probably my favorite time in the VHL my whole team and tenure with with the RIga Reign minus the only winning 1 cup thing. Too many members to thank here but you know who you area.
  4. Day 5 memories calling everyone Scott Anderson who was new.
  5. Day 4 memory was the winning of my first cup with Toronto only to lose in OT game 7 the following season.
  6. Mike

    NYA GM

    I hadn't even thought about trying to GM again but if there is literally no1 to take the job I would. Wouldn't care if Devise did all the work either won't be in the VHL for a while anyway.
  7. Nevermind 3 points 1st star boom