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  1. He traded for me then signed me to a long term deal verdict: No brain lol
  2. @Victor This song sucks if you want a good number one song there's only 1.
  3. If Doom doesn't vote today it doesn't matter right? So nothing happens I guess.
  4. Or vote serial killer and town also whateva.
  5. I vote with the Mafia. I made a play on Devise right at start Eagles thought it would be hilarious. Jericho backed me up with other help from mafia probably and I got the win right at start. That is how I have to vote. Vote Town
  6. To be honest I got the win and haven't paid much attention let me know what is happening tomorrow in a recap.
  7. Why can't we all just be friends in this town?
  8. My only not 1st or 2nd finish yet. I think it might have something to do with taking our group 25% into season to finish people started scalping good players instead of using previous year info.
  9. The absolute nerve of some people. Why I never!
  10. Sorry been playing league as discord can verify. Vote Devise Leaving for dinner bb in like 30-1hour.
  11. I think MMFlex is Lying but I believe Devise is also lying with Jericho. Eagles probably put the Pajodcast as all baddies. There is so much lying going on right now its hilarious. Devise: Your target is suspicious! Vote Devise
  12. B/c eagles tagged me don't know what this is but I'm in.