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  1. 1. How do you feel about Acyd stepping down? He seems like a good dude don't know him all that well though. He drafted me to the team this year so that's something. I'd say I feel indifferent with a slight case of meh rather he stay though.2. Do you think we will stay under 10 losses this season? 10 losses would be a disappointment. We gonna this shit all the way to the cup.3. Our top player has almost 3ppg, what's his secret? Sitting on the hard work of the other players just taking all the glory when the puck is already going into net he sweeps in and gets the last touch just to steal the goal.4. If you could own any jersey what would it be? What am I 12? I can own any jersey internet bruh.5. What's your favourite part about the VHL? Favorite part of the VHL is that its still going. So many sim leagues so many failed closures. VHL is awesome because its still going.6. How do you think you would react to winning the cup? I'd be pretty happy about winning VHLM cup. Probably be pretty into it for at least 3-4 minutes.
  2. 3 time VHL GM of the year multi cup winner. I'm on the Lynx right now and will probably be on the team next year. I've held nearly every job the VHL has to offer. Dont think I've ever been a VHLM GM. I wont push hard for this but if you want me I'd take over. The goal would be to help teach those on the team from my exerience and keep them active. The secondary goal would be to pick fights with other teams and try to keep them active as well.
  3. GMs can just have a darker color version of their team color. You'll recognize them as GMs right away compared to everyone else.
  4. vote Nykonax Oh it's on now. @pennypenny @enigmatic We vote out nykon today and we can end game tomorrow GG everyone was fun.
  5. I would very much like to know why Nyko is an idiot.
  6. 1. We got a pretty decent record of 10-1-1, how does that feel? At 10-1-1 It felt pretty darn good but at 14-1-1 we rules the VHLM. No crowning this team yet but there was definitely way more heat for other teams over us to start the season.2. What's the latest you've stayed up? - Don't think I've ever made it 48 hours but definitely made it to 36.3. Earliest you've gone to bed? From the previous night probably late 4pm early 5pm (technically 12:00am from the night b4 would be earliest)4. What's your favourite genre of music? My friends call it "Angry Music" I call it "Hard Rock" that music further than just soft/classic rock but not quite screamo death metal.5. How do you think professional sports will continue in the future? As long as everything is good for September and start of NFL I'm cool. Actual expectations maybe a bunch of leagues skip a season or do heavily reduced seasons with playoffs ending at normal times to reset a normal cycle next year.6. Would you ever change positions in the future? I'm D_man for the longhaul this time around.
  7. Nothing more gangster Penny than killing the godfather and taking his place. You win with anyone else so no one is going to kill you unless mafia turns back and kills you after. I cant win without you anyway so after 10 days and 20+ people it comes down to whatever you want. I never once denied being werewolf or tried to steer anyone away from me and I still made it to end which I think is pretty impressive. Everything I said in my posts is genuinely true I had never played this game before signing up.
  8. Vote Jhatty Penny you a good dude get rid of Jhatty mafia scum and ride into the sunset with a victory @pennypenny
  9. After re-reading everything and putting all notes into notepad with what everyone said and comparing this is what I see (I still don't know what most of the roles do though): Rayzor - Definitely Medium I'm sold (you talk to the dead this is the one role I got in the one time I played game on the app so makes sense I don't know how this really works though. Do you just message Gustav or do you actually pm the dead people on here?) Jacob - Claims doctor for a long time but I didn't see anywhere he actually did healing or confirmed in anyway? Enigmatic - Only said he was trying to figure out how to play early on like me but hasn't contributed at all in this game very suspicious Nykonax - OMG made a lot of good claims and gave a lot of true info he claims Nyko was Mafia so might be true Nykonax claimed to be Vet but hasn't talked much either suspicious. Jhatty8 - Dont know what he is either said he trust mr. hatter which turned out good but he threw a lot of shade at philliefan who was a lookout and some posts made me think he is a smarty pants suspicious there. Pennypenny - Guardian angel turned survivor claims seems to be true just waiting till end. Other things I'm not clear on were "CONSORT ROLE",Unique Roles Retributionist lots of suspicious toward Rayzor, jhatty again I think Rayzor is clear and could there still be people as vampires? People talked about turning OMG was a vampire but are we sure he was original or the only one don't know how that works yet. Thanks
  10. don't want to edit I saw that you said you found out from the dead that one of the mafia people accidentally revealed he was a disguiser so it all makes sense now
  11. I was confused because it said someone died who was the Werewolf then the next night it said a werewolf killed someone. I just re-read this whole thread from start to finish and this game makes a lot more sense now.
  12. Malmo Nighthawks Prague Phantoms Helsinki Titans Riga Reign