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Claimed:Slaughter Return to Sterling Roots


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Tom Slaughter Enters VHL


VHL player agent Sterling Labatte is bringing his fifth player into the VHL in time for the Season 37 VHL Entry Draft. With four Hall of Famers already in the books, Labatte is looking to return to his VHL roots. No more will you see the argumentative, cock that was James Bencharski and Alex Labatte. Instead Slaughter will have an attitude more inline with that of Sterling Labatte: quiet, calm and a good leader. Slaughter will likely be less talented than Labatte was, but he will be modelling a new player build the league hasn't seen in a long time.


"Tom Slaughter is going to be a play-maker. This is a chance for me as a player agent to have a little bit of fun and bring in a kid who could be an absolute flop of another Hall of Famer. He will likely become a top line winger, but I can see some second line duty in his immediate future. That's where Tom has been playing with the Ottawa Lynx and with his Super Cup team. I think he will be a tremendous role player for some good VHL teams in a few years. He's got a strong work ethic so we'll see what he can do," Sterling Labatte said.



Grimm Jonsson


Slaughter has had some decent glimpses in limited action thus far. He has luckily already won a Founder's Cup Championship with the Ottawa Lynx, although he was far from a key part on the highly skilled roster. One notable achievement was Slaughter notching four goals in one game, something that Sterling's only other forward did a few times himself. Labatte doesn't envision a future quite as impressive as that of Grimm Jonsson for Slaughter.


"I got lucky in that one game in the playoffs where I got four. I think it would be more impressive to see Joe Thorton score four goals in a game. I was just happy to see the team win. That is what I want to do a lot of in my career. I just want to win games, the individual stats and the trophies don't mean much to me. Playing on a competetive team is what I want from the start. Whether or not I get to do that right away is a matter for the future and how the next draft lottery goes. In the meantime, I can just work on my skills and be ready for the start of my VHL career," Slaughter said.






When asked which team he'd like to play for, Slaughter stated he would like to play for any of the

teams in the league, but the Cologne Express remain on the top of his list. The reason for that selection is that Slaughter believes the team has a solid base of leadership. "When a General Manager makes moves that benefit the player over his own roster you see that the Manager cares about the player more than anything. Of course I want to play for a GM like that. The key is respect. I don't think he would be dishonest with his intentions, which is something I admire. The team has had some struggles, I just like them," he said.


That's a far way in the future, however. In the meantime, Slaughter is eagerly awaiting the VHLM dispersal draft where he is expected to be on of the better players available. "I don't have much of a preference. I'm happy to go where I can play some solid minutes and help the team win. We'll see how the dominoes fall really. I can't wait to get the season started," Slaughter said.

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Content: 3/3- You certainly gave a good introduction on this new player which seems to have his foot right in the doorstep. I'll be looking out for your name and maybe we can be on the same team this upcoming VHLM season. Good luck to ya!


Grammar: 2/2- Nothing major here.


argumentative, cock - argumentative cock


Instead Slaughter - Instead, Slaughter


inline - in-line


competetive - competitive


Appearance: 1/1- Easy to read. Could've used another color or so for a caption.


Overall: 6/6

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