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  1. That means I'm back in and bannin's will occur.
  2. Joined: September 28, 2013 (Actual date unknown) Positions Held: VHLM GM, VHLM Commissioner, Board of Governor, VHL GM, Grader A shout-out is in order for @Jubo07 for compiling the original builder article here: -This is certainly not a task that would be easy for a newer member to the site. Here’s what Jubo wrote about Frank: “Frank Chadwick has been a member of the VHL for over 40 seasons, holding a number of respected positions and built two hall of fame skaters in Adam Schultz and Aksel Thomassen. Chadwick was a GM for over 1000 games for the Davos and Quebec City franchises and achieved three continental cups including back to back championships in his first two seasons at the helm. Through his 15 seasons as a GM, his clubs appeared in the playoffs a total of 10 times winning a combined 51 games. Following his most recent championship (S56), Frank was inducted into the hall of fame and will forever be remembered as one of the leagues most formidable builders. On top of being a general manager, Frank held other prestigious positions including VHLM GM, VHLM Commissioner, and a seat on the board of governors. As new members of the VHL begin their journeys into the vastness of all it has to offer, Chadwick provides an excellent example of dedication meets success. His track record of successful skaters and management tactics provides inspiration and adoration to those surrounding him.” Most certainly well said, but for the proper tribute to a builder article, there does have to be some element of a personal touch, and that’s what I’ll provide. I haven’t talked to Frank in a few years now and suspect that his activity has gone the way of mine, but I can talk to the early years of Frank with the VHL and the impact he had on the league during his high activity tenure here. Thinking of Frank, there’s a few things that immediately come to mind. The first thought being his association with Davos as a team being a long-time player there and later the General Manager for a few seasons. Davos was consistently a thorn in the side of many of the teams I played for and generally, Frank was a large reason for the successes of those teams in the S20s. As a member of the Toronto Legion, Davos got the better of us more times than we’d care to admit. The second memory I have of Frank is that he’ll likely go down as the greatest VHLM Commissioner of all-time, having held the role for a very long time and doing a very proficient job with it over his tenure. As some of you probably know, being the VHLM Commish was a challenging and often thankless job where you had a lot of responsibilities and didn’t really get paid well. You also didn’t get much respect from the community as a whole despite the importance of your role. Needless to say, the job changed hands often, but that wasn’t the case with Frank. Eventually we added a second commish to help with the workload. I believe Frank and Smarch worked together very successfully for seasons. In terms of Frank’s greatest contribution to the VHL, this was it in my opinion. My third memory of Frank was his later association with the Quebec City Meute. I think he’s as synonymous with the Meute has Koradek originally was, he probably even surpassed him as an icon for the franchise. The only time I played with Frank (to my knowledge) was in Quebec with my last player. At the time, Quebec was a powerhouse in the league, but we weren’t able to win. Notably, Frank later built the team into a Cup winner. My season and a half there was enjoyable thanks to a really good group of teammates. Finally, I think I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Frank’s personality, which was probably his greatest asset here. He was a genuinely nice and funny guy. He was a good member who was equally dependable as he was witty. You knew that if Frank took on a role in the league, that it would be done well. I haven’t talked to Frank in recent years, but he’s certainly one of the best members in the league I can remember. I remember Frank asking me one time about my career as he was thinking of switching over to it. Sometimes I wonder about that because I always thought he had a good personality for it. He was a good people person and that’s why he was so successful in the VHL. So here’s to you Frank, I hope you’re happy and healthy and I hope to see you around the boards again someday soon. -sterling
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    How about I use your information and write the article and you can claim the extra TPE from it? I don't have a player so TPE doesn't matter to me.
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    I can do Smarch and Frank's builders articles if they are still free. I did say I'd do Smarch's a while ago and then got lazy.
  5. Yeah me too. Not sure why he had to cut me since we're from the same province so no one would have known any different. Maybe I'll find him on there again
  6. Ok, how about best and drunkest?
  7. I said best and brightest. You're ok. 😛
  8. @JardyB10 and now @Higgins - simming has killed our best and brightest minds
  9. Skynet has taken over and you're not the Jon Connor for the job