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  1. Where'd you fuck off to for so long? And how's life? Still in Saskatoon?
  2. You ain't nobody until you've been accused of riggin'
  3. I guess if I have to share company with anyone, @Victoris a good choice.
  4. Looks like we're up to $2685 today. I have to go through the direct donations to see if we made it past 3K. Looks like the direct donations total around $617 Canadian. So in total, that’s well over $3300 dollars raised for various charities. what say you @Quik?
  5. Looks like we've made it up to $2655 Should we demand more rewards from Scrooge mc @Quik for $3000?
  6. We're up to $1860 - I'm rounding all of the odd number donations up to the closest $5 increment because that looks better There's also a considerable number of direct donations to charities yet to be counted, but I know we've made it over $2000 Canadian already. So good work!
  7. Up to $1040 (not including the direct donations) as of today.
  8. Sorry, I missed this one. What's the email that it came in under?
  9. We're up to $415 (not counting the direct donations).
  10. Looks like we're up to $350 so far (not including the donations made directly to the charities - I'll add them up at the end).