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  1. Costco sells quality and quantity you monster
  2. I relinquished the bill paying to have more time for bannin'.
  3. Good work team. Time to go back into my hole.
  4. Well it needs to be better moderated then. This isn't the first time we've had issues with it. No members should be feeling uncomfortable regardless of where the discourse is taking place. How/why are there only 3 moderators for a forum that has grown so much? We used to have more mods back when the forum was a tenth of the size.
  5. Bring back Arrowchat! And annoying messages from the Gows/Fong!
  6. I hate discord and suggested we kill it a long time ago, but they called me old and senile.
  7. As one of the few remaining who can remember all 14 years, good work everyone and what an accomplishment! Let's make it to 20!
  8. Where'd you fuck off to for so long? And how's life? Still in Saskatoon?
  9. You ain't nobody until you've been accused of riggin'
  10. I guess if I have to share company with anyone, @Victoris a good choice.
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