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  1. sterling

    The "Help Jardy Buy a Laptop" Thread

    Yeah me too. Not sure why he had to cut me since we're from the same province so no one would have known any different. Maybe I'll find him on there again
  2. sterling

    Higgins shoutout

    Ok, how about best and drunkest?
  3. sterling

    Higgins shoutout

  4. sterling

    Higgins shoutout

    I said best and brightest. You're ok. 😛
  5. sterling

    Higgins shoutout

    @JardyB10 and now @Higgins - simming has killed our best and brightest minds
  6. sterling

    This league is dead inside

    Skynet has taken over and you're not the Jon Connor for the job
  7. sterling

    wtf sim?

    Yeah I don’t think there’s anyway to go back and look, but the changes to the scoring in the second generation were more than coincidental imo
  8. sterling

    Jeff Gow Press Conference

    Gtfo I’ve got the best group of defenseman out of all those scrubs
  9. sterling

    HOF Articles

    Maybe I will
  10. sterling

    A Title for Davos

  11. sterling

    A Title for Davos

    Maybe I was secretly on whatever team you just won with
  12. sterling

    Why Does No One Reply to Media Spots? [1/2]

    Yeah, well, that’s just like, your opinion, man.
  13. sterling

    Happy Birthday VHL! Free stuff for all!

    My favorite memory was bannin' all of you at some time or another. Where's my car? Heh my postcount is now boob, I'll never post again
  14. sterling

    Kawhi is a RAPTOR

    At least Lebron gone and Casey fired so they can have a new excuse for playoff failure