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  1. I think I’ve refunded everything you asked for @Beketov. There were two by BigAl and one by Peace for the full amounts I returned. You can PM me The transaction number if anything else needs to be fixed. Sorry for the delay, we bought anew house and have been moving in this week.
  2. Had to pay with my card in the end - note the donation is in USD so it should translate to $1170 Canadian as of this morning.
  3. Today is the best day to make a character 👀

    1. Tate


      I second this, we need The Good back in the VHL. 

  4. https://www.paypal.com/fundraiser/charity/3549029
  5. I’ll add them into the total tomorrow before I send the donations off so you can claim still.
  6. We finished at $2030 Canadian so $2530 total from the league (minus the $200 already directly donated) Tomorrow I’ll send off $1165 to both charities. Great work everyone and don’t forget to claim your community rewards for the donations.
  7. I never played for Helsinki or Davos for some reason. Think I won one with every other original franchise though.
  8. 13 years. Now that's an accomplishment!
  9. I've gotten word that we've made it to $2000 - so everyone can claim 5 uncapped TPE. If there's any more donations that come in the rest of the day, I'll add +1 TPE to the 5 for every $100 past the $2000 goal we get.
  10. Alright, you heard the man, we need $45 to hit that final goal of 2k
  11. Need $145 more for the $2000 by tomorrow.
  12. @SlapshotDragon @Tape-to-Tape Some members have donated in excess so others could claim. You can both claim the initial donation reward.
  13. Up to $1720 +$100 directly now. Need another $180 by Friday for the global 5 uncapped TPE reward