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Tried dancing


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After a rough Saturday afternoon, I decided to head out and enjoy the city of Davos. I´m still fairly new to the city and I don´t know all the cool spots and places where I should not go alone when it´s dark. Maybe there is no bad areas in Davos, but I was alone and vulnerable. After walking around for a bit, I saw people lining outside and decided to join them. I was quite sure they were waiting to get inside of a bar or nightclub of some kind. Never been in that place, so I was excited. 


About 10 minutes later I got in and I was right, it was a night club.  People seemed to be having fun, music was great and I got in without having to wait too long. On top of those things, there was surprisingly few women ruining the atmosphere by screaming loudly.


I was happy since it looked like I found a new number one spot to go to whenever I want to have fun.  I even danced, usually I never dance, but for some reason I felt like dancing yesterday and without bragging too much, I´m a natural. Few guys commented my moves and asked if I was professional dancer? I laughed and told them I was not, but it still felt good.


Definitely going there again some day!

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