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Yukon Rush are doing alright


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The Yukon Rush currently find themselves in a playoff position despite not attempting to be competitive this season. They made just two selections in the most recent draft, but a handful of inactives from the old regime give the team some depth that have earned them some wins. Being in a playoff position doesn't mean a whole lot, however, when you consider that three of the four teams in each conference make the playoffs. Yukon just has to be better than the Ottawa Lynx (who, by the way, are very bad) to make it. And they are better than the Ottawa Lynx.


For the Rush, however, playoff success is not expected. The plan moving forward has been to set the team up to compete in S53, with possibility of an underdog run in S52. Leading the team at the moment is center Francis Zach Morgan, a second round pick in the S51 draft. He has 50 points (4th in the VHLM) in 32 games. The team was in talks of trading him earlier in the season, but the discussions died down when Yukon was looking for more than teams were willing to offer. Unless a deal is made, he'll be with the Rush in S52 as well. If his development should stall, he may even need another year in the VHLM, which is certainly a possibility. Knowing that Morgan may be in the VHLM through S53 makes it hard for the Rush to trade him, as most players simply pass through the VHLM in a year or two. If Morgan is going to be here for a while, his value is greatly increased beyond just a first round pick. Still, even assuming he's just a two-year player, he could be a great asset for Yukon in S52.

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