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S51 Game of the Week - Episode 3


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Game 116: Legion vs. Express


Final Score: 1 - 3

That's right! The Express managed to triumph over the surprisingly strong Toronto Legion once more, but not before the Legion exacted their revenge in Game 82 with a 4-2 win. However, the big difference here was that in the Express loss, Cologne managed to once again outshoot Toronto 36-28 and this just highlighted the failure to sign Greg Clegane, who's having another remarkable season. This win was so emphatic because Cologne managed another win on the road to one of the top teams, slip 3 by the best goalie in the league, and do it while massively dominating the pace of the game.


It's a Toronto miracle that the only damage done to them in the first period was a powerplay goal on the only powerplay of the period. D. Hamilton and Mengsk set up the notorious COL LW1 for his first and probably only goal of his career. The Express destroyed, annihilated, obliterated, the Legion in the first, outshooting them 15-1. Being on home ice, the Toronto went off at the intermission to boos from their fans. 


Again, in the second, the Legion could consider themselves extremely lucky. They got outshot again 19-5, sustaining slightly more damage, as at the 8:18 mark, Skovgaard left the puck for P Hamilton to carry into the offensive zone and faked a slap shot, sliding the puck across to the opposite slot for Mengsk to wire home. Toronto, on their 3rd shot of the match, managed to score to bring it back to 2-1, but before the end of the period, Cologne regained their insurance goal with P Hamilton this time finding Lincoln who snapped his 14th goal of the season over the pad of Clegane.  Once more, the fans booed Toronto off the ice. 


The third period was the only even one, with both teams recording 9 shots. Both teams also had one penalty called against them and both goalies stopped all the shots their faced, ending the game in a comfortable 3-1 victory for Cologne. 


Cologne have consistently outplayed Toronto this season, and it had provided the team with some much needed confidence after the ball-busting off-season they had. They are hanging around with Riga at the top of the European Conference and are legitimately considered to be one of the 4 contenders for the Cup. Just imagine how good they'd be if Clegane had decided to sign here?


3 Stars

1 - Arcturus Mengsk (COL)
2 - Zach Parechkin (TOR)
3 - Tom Lincoln (COL)

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