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Muller continues the climb


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Shawn Muller continues his climb up the VHL's all time leader boards in his final season. He currently sits at 27 goals and 27 assists for 54 points in 41 games. Pretty good for a player in his 8th season and battling the worst part of regression. Muller sits at 473 career games and he will reach 504 career games at the end of this season. He also has 265 career goals which places him in a tie for 95th all time in VHL history and his 311 career assists place him in a tie for 186th all time in VHL history. In total his 576 career points place him about 128th all time in VHL History. He is on pace for 94 points this season which would give him 616 career points which would have him end at 93rd all time in career points tied with the likes of Miles Larsson, Jackson Miller and Layken Heidt. He would have played 1 less season than both Miller and Larsson to get there. 


for muller

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