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If I were to make a 3rd player


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If I were to go into the create a player section, click on some linkage and decide to make a third player, I'd give it plenty of thought. The unfortunate part about the league currently (for those who want to create as one anyway), is that goalies are more popular than STD's lately. Everybody's got a goalie or two and then you take a look in the VHLM and you find yourself with plenty more of them. When first rolling with Blake Campbell, I had a lot of fun as a goalie and wish I would have committed a little better. However, I now find myself with a center and defenseman. With the center, I'm enjoying the role for the most part. Play making center whose coming along nicely. With the second player, I'm goilng for a shut-down, 2 way defender who is pretty well balanced right now.


If, for shits and gigs, the league let us make a 3rd player, I think it would be a player I'd fuck around with a little more. 3 is way too much for anyone (even @Streetlite and @Phil) to probably do, so I'd be welfaring the shit out of that bitch for 95% of his career unless free weeks or double weeks rolled around (and donations - but you can count on me getting that double FREE WEEK, holllaaaa).


Anywho, I'd like to build a more leveled out forward who has a goon side to him. He can shoot and pass here and there, but hes a fucking maniac on the ice and just lays everybody out. That way Jarvi couldn't play on all 4 lines and scores 300 goals a season playing shitty teams and scoring all the goals because hes one of 3 players on the team to do so because I'd be there beating the shit out of him.


Dean "Deaner" Johnson would be a deadly beast, man. 





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