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realistic expectations for the remainder of my career


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I don't remember exactly what I was hoping for when I started Maxwell's career, but I can tell you it's not going to happen. I'm still expecting to wind up in the Hall of Fame, though given the poor first two seasons I had, I might not have room for a down year. So where could I possibly be when my career comes to a close?


Well, in eight more games, I'll be halfway through the regular season portion of my career. Sure, it would make sense to be looking at this then, but now is not the future so whatever. I'll just estimate I score seven more goals and fifteen more points (which is about where my pace this season would put me). After four seasons, that would be 152 goals and 312 points. Now, we could just double those totals to project my career, but that'd be silly. Obviously I'm not going to have a season like I did in S50 or S51 again. But am I going to score 63 goals and 133 points every season in the future? Probably not.


I think for the sake of simplicity, I'll split the difference between my S52 and S53 performances. For S52, that was 39 goals and 94 points, for a total of 102 goals and 227 points over the course of the two seasons. With four seasons left, if I accomplish those numbers during each pair of seasons, that would add another 204 goals and 454 points to my total. That gives me a grand total of 356 goals and 766 points. Are those Hall of Fame numbers? I don't know. Felix Peters recently got into the Hall of Fame with similar numbers (331 goals and 769 points), and that took him 20 seasons to get in. Peters also had two cups to his name and a shared Playoff MVP (Maxwell has one cup so far and no individual awards, but four seasons remaining, plus the S53 playoffs).


Personally, I think I'll do better than an average of 51 goals and 113.5 points per season for the remainder of my career. I think I will get in the Hall of Fame, and not take as long as Peters to do so. But maybe I won't. I don't know. Whatever.



for Maxwell

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