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Offensive game, improving.


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Aleksei Federov entered the VHLM and when doing so, boasted that he was a shutdown defenseman - who was loyal and the stay at home type. He cared about keeping the puck out of their own end, but more importantly, their own net. He was prided on his stronger defensive style and didn't care nor comment too much on his offensive style. Each time it was brought up, he merely shrugged it off as it's not his current worry or style of play. In his scouting report, it was something very similar. "A dman who excels at a high level of defensive play who is currently working on becoming a stronger, two way option for any organization".


This is exactly what he's doing and becoming. Federov has made excellent improvements and gains when it comes to his offensive side of the game and it's been noticeable on the ice. When looking at his stats from the year prior (less developed, but still more defensive than anything), he's made huge leaps in becoming a "two-way" threat. Another perk, he's a more balanced out guy so you get a little of this and a little bit of that - not one or the other. He currently has 17 goals, 62 assists and 79 points through 64 games adding that onto his 86 hits, 53 shots blocked and team leading 36 power play points.


(Federov +1)

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