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Luke Riggs; The Guy


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After a disappointing first season, Luke Riggs was drafted in the VHL draft by Vasteras, and General Manager Corco. That was a success for this shitty player, as even the last round in the draft was an amazing feat for this scrub. He celebrated the victory, taking a victory lap around his city, Shitville, it's near Toronto, you see. This whole town celebrates any little thing that happens there because there is no excitement, nothing fun to do, nothing on T.V to watch, and then a scrubby player by the name of Luke RIggs gets drafted as the last pick and they go crazy. It's hilarious. I can't imagine what will happen when Luke Riggs gets his first shift in the VHL, will he skip the shift to go party with his city again? What about his first point.. which will likely be an assist where the referee had no idea of who to give it to, so he gave it to shitty number nine. Oh wait, I think it's happening right now..

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