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I have no idea what I'm doing - CnC

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So I'm totally new to this whole Graphics thing, basically have never really worked with Photoshop at all and would consider myself graphically challenged, at least that's what art class in school told me. But I wanted to try myself at some Graphics/Sigs nontheless and was wondering if you guys could help me out a bit.


Here is a first version of my very first project:




So obviously this isn't even close to being finished yet. The cut is very rough and I still need to work on the colors and the font a bit. I also wanted to get a logo change going but it doesn't really seem to work with this picture because the shape of the Caps logo is too different from Colognes. And I also don't really know yet if this will work once I make it smaller... So yeah, still many things to work on. But I don't really know where to go from the point where I'm right now, mainly because I'm still struggling to get used to the program. What would you suggest I try working on next?

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