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Strummer Breaks the Silence


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You are forgiven if you forget about the Saskatoon Wild this season, it seems that they are in the unenviable position of neither sucking enough to be made fun of, nor winning enough to be feared and talked about.  A quick look at its roster shows more of the same, for prospect watchers there is only one draft eligible player worth notice right now, and at this time he comes with as many questions as answers.  That player is Lars Strummer.


After a rather uneventful Super Cup, where he averaged less then twelve minutes per game, and managed to chip in a couple of points, Strummer came into the VHLM season with question marks.  He is on a team with less talent then other teams, his own practice record is spotty at best, and being the quiet guy he is, he is easy to be missed on the VHL website.


While there are blemishes to his game and record, Strummer is currently leading the Wild in points with thirty-one in twenty-three games, and has been able to transfer his two way game from junior to the pro ranks in terms of his face off percentages which currently sits just under 60% efficiency.  


With that said, a stronger second half for Stummer should help and catch the attention of the VHL scouts.  For Strummer this means picking up his physical play and continuing to get the stats scouts love seeing when doing their scouting reports.  A continued progression will also help the Wild stay in the playoff hunt.  Currently the Wild are both seven points ahead for the last North American playoff spot, and the same seven points away from catching the first place Minot Gladiators.  


Despite being a forgetabout team in the VHL, the Wild aren't worried.  The great thing about the VHLM level is things can change drastically and happen in a hurry.  With its current posting system and a few good bounces any team can turn the corner and become a contender, or at least that is the game plan.

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