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Why the struggles


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After being traded from the HC Davos Dyanmo for a 3rd round draft pick, Steven Stamkos has been struggling. He is out to prove that he shouldn't have been traded for just a 3rd round pick. Alas, it is part of the Sergey Brovalenko trade but still. A 3rd round pick? interesting fact though Sergey Brovalenko and Steven Stamkos were drafted together by the Quebec City Meute. They were the first players ever in Quebec City. In 21 games as a Bear, Stamkos has put up 4 goals and 4 assists. That's not good at all for a player of his standards. He has a total of 335 practice hours, thats not the best but its not the worst, Stamkos believe he can be a point per game player. He is working hard to be that player. On the plus side he is a +9 which is 3rd best on the team so it's not like he's playing bad defensively. If he keeps playing good defensively then the coach will keep putting him out there and the points should soon follow. Hopefully Stamkos can pick it up and make the Bears the contenders they are supposed to be. 

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