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VHLM Spotlight: Bern Royals



The VHLM is being led by the European Conference, that have a majority of their teams competing for play-off spots and also have a wide array of scorers split between teams. This group includes the progressing Bern Royals, that have shown to be highly consistent and put up a great fight against other teams within the league. They may not sit at the top at this moment, but 30 games in, they show flashes of brilliance. This article will focus on the Bern Royals, and delve into their statistics and players.

Bern Royals
Record:  24-6-0 
Division:  2nd Place 
Conference:     2nd Place
League:   2nd Place  

The Royals team does not nearly get as much love as the Bratislava Watchmen, the team which went on to start the season off with a ridiculous win streak, playing second wheel to them the majority of the time but they manage to shine regardless. Several factors have made their season a success, which include their monstrous power play, a strong core group of players and a promising goaltender. They are mostly seen as the second best team in the league, but one could see that this team has a good chance in taking down the Watchmen and willing the cup themselves and probably have the best odds of doing so.

Their power play is at an impressive 44.33%, slightly above 10 percent north of the Watchmen's own power play unit. They feature many offensive juggernaut players, that are leading the league in their respective positions. Eliana Ben-Lev is no slouch, leading all forward with 34 goals (T-1) and 71 points. Earl Parker leads wingers in points with 67, proving to forge one of the scariest lines in the VHLM. There is no other offense in the league that is as potent as the Bern Royals. This team has all the tools and capabilities to over power any opponent, leading the league in goals for at 154.


Unbreakable. A word used to describe Matt Rielly, the defenseman that leads the -ENTIRE- league in points at 77. Impressive, alongside defensemen Ron World Peace and Razzle Dazzle. This defensive trio leads the league, and are all scoring at above a point per game clip. The emergence of Ron World Peace has provided them with steady defense and another viable option to make an outlet pass with a little edge to his game. Will Matt Rielly join other defensemen that have lead the league in scoring at a pace that might allow him to break 200 points, it has yet to be seen from Rielly. They terrorize goaltenders, defenders and forwards alike, frightening.


Their shiny new toy, Blaine Olynick leads the Bern Royals in net. For a rookie in the VHLM, he has been quite solid. His save percentage may not be a proper indication of his playing ability but he still has areas that are in need of improvement. He has yet to burn bright, unable to be seen as a goaltender that can make or break the team. He is overshadowed by his team's mindset to play vicious offense and then slightly relax on the defense and at times, leaving Olynick out to dry. In 22 starts, he he holds a record of 19-3-0. Both him and Brookside have 3 assist a piece, it will be interesting to see which wins the point race. Blaine Olynick, the hope of Bern, has a long road ahead of him but as long as he develops, the Bern Royals might just be what some teams fear they could be. Unstoppable.


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Content: 3/3- A nice look at the Bern Royals, who seem to be playing very well this season. Alot of people will overlook them because Bratslavia has alot of big names on the team, but it will be interesting to see if Bern can possibly upset the star studded group come playoff time.


Grammar: 1.75/2- Not horrible here but to many mistakes for a smaller article. You use commas when you don't need to and then will forget them later on when you need them. Thats about the only problem i saw besides these minor mistakes.


forward = forwards

over power = overpower

200 points, it has = 200 points? It has

ability but = ability, but


Appearance: 1/1- Color and pix. Its beautiful!


Overall: 5.75/6

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Content: 3/3 - While everyone agrees that the Watchmen are the team to beat this season, the Royals should making things interesting in the European Conference. It looks like it'll be a match up between the best offensive team in the league and the best defensive team. While Bratislava may have more talent, we all know anything can happen in a seven game series.


Grammar: 1.5/2 - Found a couple more and there were some other phrases that were iffy. Like sball said, comma usage was hit or miss.


Conference, that have = Conference, which has

willing the cup = winning the cup

above 10 percent north = above 10 percent OR 10 percent north



Appearance: 1/1 - Very nice.


Overall: 5.5/6


FINAL: 6/6

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