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Claimed:Travis Boychuk the Ottawa Lynx

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Things have been coming together well for the Ukrainian in Travis Boychuk. With a prolonged amount of hockey in his hometown he made his way up the ladder to being claimed by a VHLM team. The Ottawa Lynx


The Ottawa Lynx have seen better days since hitting a low point this season, but with many new acquisitions the season seems to be taking a turn in the right direction. Travis Boychuk joined the team with a few others and it had a major impact towards the organization.


The Ottawa Lynx had a terrible beginning to the current campaign. They started off on a 7 game losing streak. They broke it off with a win but didn't gain much momentum, while going on a 9 game losing streak shortly after. Travis Boychuk joined the team with some others, and the season has had some bright spots.




Boychuk has a respectable 5 goals and 12 assists, for 17 points in his first 16 games with the club. He is also one of the few players on the team with a positive in the plus/minus category being a +2, leading his team in that regard. He is proving to be the same player he was before he came over to the VHLM, making big strides in this league. 


Travis Boychuk is showing to be a magnificent passer, finding his teammates in the right spots and is already gaining a great amount of chemistry with his teammates. This is an easy thing to realize once you look at his point production in goals compared to assists. The Lynx organization should look forward to a bright future for Boychuk.


Not only is he providing offensively, but he is also proving to be exceptional in the face-off dot. Going up against some of the VHLM's top guys, he is boasting a 54.23% success rate in the circle. While it was something that the scouts looked forward to in their research on Boychuk, nobody was 100% sure that it would carry over to the VHLM. The strength and size of the VHLM is much more than what Boychuk has experienced in years past, but he is excelling nonetheless. 


Many people thought that joining a falling team like the Lynx might have a negative impact on Boychuk, and that it might put too much pressure on a player coming over to a new league. He has slashed all of the doubts in everyone's minds, and is thriving under the pressure. Travis Boychuk has found instant chemistry with the team and has been nothing but capable of handling his own.



Since Boychuk has joined the team, he has helped to carry the Lynx into a playoff spot. This seemed like a bit of a long-shot after the horrid start to the campaign. We can only be positive while we dream of what lies ahead for the kid.

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Content: 3/3- I'm glad to see you are performing well in your first season as a player in the VHLM. Yes the Ottawa Lynx aren't going to live up to last years team, which I believe won the Cup, but it's nice to see that the Lynx have a silver lining to look forward to. Good luck for the rest of the season


Grammar: 2/2- Correct me if I'm wrong, but I didn't catch anything major.


Appearance: 1/1- I'm gonna let you slide with this since you got some color and atleast one pic. Don't just color a few words, i suggest making one whole paragraph on color. Take a look at some other MS's in the future to see how they are set up and feel free to use that color my brotha.


Overall: 6/6

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