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  1. @Renomitsu 2 TPE. Sorry for the delay.
  2. @Maasa You're a newer guy, so I'll let this one pass. I hope if you get into editing, you can start experimenting and make improvements. From how this stands, however, this is just a picture of PK Subban that you put text on.
  3. @Cusemode It's a good write-up, but in the future make sure to at least put a title over top, some sub-headings to separate sections, and picture or two. It just helps to blend it all together, rather than what on first glance looks like a wall of text.
  4. In order to earn the full TPE for this, refer to the guidelines. Junior Review (Can be written at any point, but preferably when you're in the VHLM) - A review of your players career up to the point they join the VHLM/declare for their VHL draft. Must be 400 words minimum, worth 5 TPE. Needs to be at least 400 words.