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  1. DollarAndADream

    Have we Exhausted V1?

    IMO, somebody should create a league run on FHM or something for shits and giggles. Make all VHL tasks able to be carried over to there. I don't really know how it would work, and I don't know if you could add players after you started a save, but I'd love to go into it.
  2. DollarAndADream

    Sidtha Kid

  3. DollarAndADream

    Welfare / Pension (October 15th - October 21st)

    Ironside 5
  4. DollarAndADream

    Toronto Legion Weekly Presser

    Man, looks bad now doesn't it? lmao
  5. DollarAndADream

    Toronto Legion Weekly Presser

    Toronto Legion Weekly Presser REBUILD, NATION. **All Legion members and others if you choose, if you need questions for Press Conferences for more TPE, then you can answer the ones I post in here.** With S63 underway, which team would you predict right now to win the cup at season's end? Question for both VHL and VHLM. Which player in the VHL has you surprised with their good performance so far? Which player in the VHL has surprised you with their bad performance so far? Do you think Sebastian Ironside will keep up his pace throughout the season? Which prospect do you see going 1st overall in the next VHL Entry Draft? Rookie of the Year. Who is your early candidate?
  6. DollarAndADream

    GM 14: Toronto Legion vs. Helsinki Titans

    Toronto cruisin!
  7. DollarAndADream

    GM 15: Riga Reign vs. Quebec City Meute

    Gow with the shootout winner!
  8. DollarAndADream

    GM 11: Quebec City Meute vs. Riga Reign

  9. DollarAndADream

    2018-2019 NHL Discussion

    Come on! He said he's sorry and didn't mean it! The only sort of positive thing around that whole mess is that Pettersson has been doing real well on his post-concussion testing. Could play by some time next week, which is awesome.
  10. DollarAndADream

    GM 5: Helsinki Titans vs. Toronto Legion

    This is one of those games where I'm like, fuck yeah.
  11. DollarAndADream

    S63 Group 6 Fantasy Draft

    G- Roger Sterling F- Beau Louth @JG10
  12. DollarAndADream

    [S63] Player Store and Balances

    Player Name: Leph Twinger VHL Team: Riga Reign Cash you have: $7,000,000 Purchase Name: Point Task Upgrade + Double Award Prediction Cost of Purchase: $3,000,000 + $2,500,000 = $5,500,000 Cash Left: $1,500,000
  13. DollarAndADream

    Practice Facility (October 15th - October 21st)

    Twinger 1 Ironside 1