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  1. Don't speak too soon. There's been too many 3-1 leads blown in this league.
  2. 1. Which VHL team do you expect will win the Continental Cup? 2. Do you expect any changes do you think are needed for this Dragons roster, if any? 3. If you could be any other position in the VHL other than what you currently are, what would it be and why? 4. What is the #1 most stressful hockey position? #1 forward, #1 defenseman, or #1 goaltender? A couple of real life stuff: 5. How is your city handling the these COVID times? Does your city have more cases, etc? Have you been out and about? 6. Do you expect the NHL will resume, and who do you think wins it all if the playoffs do come back?
  3. Kind of shitty to be playing a CPU over a created player in the first place, if you have a created player available. I know for a fact most people would kind of feel screwed over if they found out a CPU was getting their playing time while they're on the roster. It's definitely not a good move to do as a GM.
  4. 1. Toronto made it in instead of us, and they're down 2-0. I liked our chances to make it in the playoffs, but things just didn't pan out. 2. I think goaltending has been a huge factor, but there's also been consistent scoring. Can't win without goals. 3. Just keep on chugging along with training. I want to come back next season, stronger than ever. 4. I don't mind playing for any team, really. Whoever wants me can have me. My main goal is to win championships though. 5. I think we could have done pretty well against Calgary, to be honest. 6. A hot dog is a hot dog. It goes in hot dog buns. It's not a sandwich.
  5. Yay! A shitty Wolski game that's a win!