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  1. 1. I wish we could have gone further in the playoffs. My answer here would have been yes. 2. Nothing, to be honest. I'm Head of PT and BoG already, and I've done VHL GM before. I'm in charge of the Updaters so I know what that's about too. I'd probably be open to simming one day. 3. It's hard to really choose just one person as a favourite. I have a number of them. I know it's controversial, but I would throw gorlab into my top list. He always makes things interesting and entertains me. Also helped me out with graphics many seasons ago when I was horrible. 4. Win harder. I don'
  2. 1. I went snowboarding with some friends! 2. I made sure I wasn't playing bad in order to play well. 3. I would say Kendrick, because he's who originally brought me here. 4. A little worse than I thought, but still solid overall. 5. Scoring more goals than we let get scored on us. 6. I'm alright. It definitely sucks not being able to see everyone I want to, but I'm doing well.
  3. This graphic isn't that bad.
  4. Thank you for the kind words, bro! I can say the same things about you. I think a lot of people can benefit though for sure to a more relaxed attitude on these sim leagues. It's just easier that way. Also yeah....the Canucks are pretty good these days with some great youth in Pettersson, Boeser, Horvat, and Hughes leading the charge. The future is bright.
  5. I will never argue against going 2-0-0 in a sim. In fact, I prefer it.
  6. Wolski gets pulled.... then DCG gets pulled and Wolski goes back in. Lmao
  7. It was flagged for effort. The quality of the image is low. Try to figure out why you're uploading images that are so pixelated. It's also a render, text, and a logo on top of a vacation picture, but this specific theme is a little harder to do graphic-wise so I'll accept your work if you add a couple sentences describing the vacation. "For graphics, the rules are obviously looser, but the key is to ensure the graphic has a vacation vibe of some sort, and a short description of a few sentences can help bring that visual to life for people who are looking at your graphic
  8. I'm not entirely sure how the pic gets to be that bad. Screenshotting and saving even with MS Paint hasn't done that for me. I'd recommend using something like Photopea. It's a browser based Photoshop clone.
  9. Yeah, I see you resubmit one so that`s good.
  10. What program do you use? I see you use imgur so the uploading isn't the issue.
  11. @Eldredman You can't just copy and paste game details directly from the sim and claim all the words for it.
  12. What's with the low quality Gaudreau render?
  13. https://vhlforum.com/topic/99411-laine-theme/