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  1. 1. Gotta agree with Dooms here. Life In the Fast Lane by The Eagles. 2. My goal song would be Barbie Girl. I want opposing teams to hate it when I score. 3. The amount of 1-1 sims we've had. I think our good memories are ahead of us. 4. Sons of Anarchy. We're an Eagles biker gang, taking down whoever doubts us. 5. I'll take Jax. 6. We're all going skydiving to soar like an eagle.
  2. Kudos! Haha, yeah, didn't realize I had that accolade. The VHL was obviously an option for Kotkakoivu, but I wasn't about to force myself into Calgary's plans. Always up to the GM when it comes to me! VHLE is a solid stepping stone and I can't wait to come into the VHL next season guns ablazing!
  3. The VHLE standings are currently super tight, which is expected of the league. The Vasteras Iron Eagles are 19-13-5, just 2 wins back of the 1st place Stockholm Vikings. Let's take a look at their past game. Rome Gladiators vs. Vasteras Iron Eagles: Rome 3-2(SO) This game started off with an early goal by Willy Myers, scoring his 21st of the season at 5:24, with assists to Nano and Kotkakoivu. Penalties went each way, but that was it for the 1st Period, with the Iron Eagles leading 1-0. In the 2nd Period, Vasteras' Armani Calamari doubled their lead with a marker at 9:44, with Nano and Vidot getting the assists. The Iron Eagles led the game 2-0 until the end of the 2nd. In the 3rd Period, the Rome Gladiators found strength and turned it around. Just 26 seconds into the 3rd, Baby Bob scored his 27th of the season, with assists going to Numminen and Singh Nalwa. Under a minute later at 1:02 of the 3rd, Hari Singh Nalwa scored and tied the game at 2-2, with assists to Numminen and Ben Aky. The game would go past OT and into the shootout, the MVP, ROM D3 would score to win the game for the Rome Gladiators. This was a big comeback for the Gladiators, who came back from 2-0. Xavier Booberry tried his best, saving 48 of 50 for the Iron Eagles, but Rome's Tobias Reinhart saved 34 of 36 and killed the shootout to win the game. 3-2 SO for Rome. "We've gone on a little bit of a slide here, but I know that we're capable of getting out of it. We've shown a lot of fight after losses, so I know for sure that we will get back on track." - Saku Kotkakoivu
  4. 1. I think I'll have to say wings, but truth be told...I eat nuggets more. 2. Smoked meat sandwiches. 3. Just need to spice things up defensively. The team is capable of winning. 4. I love it, honestly. I know it's a Leafs show, and a lot of people hate it specifically for that, but it's a behind the scenes documentary of an NHL team. I'll watch those all day. Those are always interesting to me. 5. I would beat anyone in Mario Kart and I will prove it if I have to. 6. Hayley Williams of Paramore.
  5. I don't mind everyone reviewing at all, but sometimes it just doesn't look great. Sometimes, you get somebody saying great job on a graphic, but then the updaters and I have agreed that the graphic is borderline at passing for TPE. Like, someone who has constantly posted graphics without any improvement or much effort, but then the "review" says it's a great job. It just sometimes gets confusing if there's a post saying it's awesome from a "review", while in the background they get a DM or a post from updaters or me saying that it's not.
  6. Yes. Reviews need to be constructive. A couple sentences at least, with more than "I like the colours". There's definitely times where a review will say it's good, but I don't agree at all. If people don't understand what goes into graphics and how much effort is required for this or that, then they shouldn't be reviewing graphics.
  7. To be fair, in my LR we discussed that answer and concluded we had it right. I still believe I had it right even though it was wrong.
  8. Earlier on in the season, analysts around the VHLE talked about the Vasteras Iron Eagles and Saku Kotkakoivu's lack of firepower. He was brought into the team to be a top player in the league, and help power his team to the playoffs and a championship. His early season numbers were very lacking that regard, despite his Vasteras Iron Eagles being a 1st place team in the VHLE. "I just couldn't seem to find my game early on. I don't know what was happening, but goals were going in, and nobody was scoring off of my passes. Things just weren't going my way. That's not really my focus though, because all I want is to win. When a team brings me in to put up points though, it's definitely disappointing when I don't. It's expected of me." - Saku Kotkakoivu Don't look now, but Saku Kotkakoivu has surged towards the top of the league in production at this point of the season. Early on, you couldn't find him in any top rankings, but now, he has found himself up there in top positions amongst the best players in the league. Currently, Saku Kotkakoivu is tied for 5th in the league in points with 34 points, and has been climbing steadily. Not only that, but he is 3rd in assists with 27, only 2 behind Drakon Zabastovka who holds that 1st spot. His plus minus of +7 is also in the top 5 in the league, as is his shorthanded goals....albeit that's only 1 shorthanded goal. The leader has 2.
  9. 1. It means a lot. Seeing this franchise come back and the others like the Cologne Express who have their own dominant VHL era, I think it benefits the league for sure. It gives new members the opportunity to see the histories of what these teams used to be, and to be able to suit up and put that storied jersey on. 2. It's definitely cool. My first thought is that I want to win that inaugural cup. 3. I mean, look at us in the standings. We're 1st place with a -8 goal differential. I think that shows that we have a lot of fight in us and that we can bounce back after bad games. 4. He was created in a lab by combining together Jesperi Kotkaniemi and Saku Koivu. 5. Is it weird that our hype ups in the locker room pre-game and after scoring goals is to make eagle sounds? 6. How dare you force me to pick a favourite! I love my whole team. I tell you one thing, it's funny having Booberry in net. When he makes big saves, the crowd goes, "BOOOOO!!!". They cheer him with boos.
  10. Not really the type of statistics I would think my player would hold, but I'll take it.
  11. The VHLE has started its very first season ever, and all teams are underway. Some players have been very impressive, and some lacking in areas they were expected to excel in. The Vasteras Iron Eagles, back in the VHLE after a long departure from the VHL, have started off the season 6-3-1. This leaves them tied with the Istanbul Red Wolves for the top spot in the league, despite having a -7 goal differential. Vasteras will definitely need to improve on that if they want to get consistent and remain up top at the end of the season. As for one of their players, one of their top picks Saku Kotkakoivu, he's been turning heads, but not in a good way. Fans are turning their heads away from the play when he has the puck. Saku has 2 goals and 7 points, for 9 points in 10 games. That's not outright horrible, but when there's other top players in the VHLE with 20 points already, 9 points is concerning for one of your star players. "I don't know what's going on right now. I know that I"m much better than this. Maybe I'm just preserving myself for the VHL, subconsciously. I can't explain it. "
  12. D- Matt thunder @Birdman Here's a taken list for those who need it: F- Groovy Dood F- Red Lite F- Duncan Idaho F- Christian Mingle F- Gunnar Odinsson F- Aloe Dear F- Pistil Stamen F- Asher Reinhart F- Cabe McJake F- Henry Tucker D- Reylynn Reinhart D- Battre Sandstrom D- Kasper Kankkunen D- Cowboy Prout D- Matty Socks D- Zeedayno Chara D- Robin Galante Nilsson D- Jiggly Gumballs D- Kristof Welch D- Matt thunder G- Artem Tretiak
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