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  1. DollarAndADream

    A new GM spreadsheet I'm working on

    Yeah but you were just a form of dessert and not a real defenseman.
  2. DollarAndADream

    A Short VHL Power Rankings

    I was actually going to switch Ironside to F, hence obtaining that extra forward you're talking about. Malenko would probably be fine pairing up with both Hood and Bronstein and taking the load himself on defense. But, considering we're not trying to win a cup this season, I'm leaving the Ironside/Malenko duo on D with McKnight leading the Fs and seeing how it works, and if any prospects step it up so I don't have to move Ironside. Shoutout to @iRockstar. lol
  3. DollarAndADream

    GM 6: Meute vs. Reign

    Damn, @Tagger.
  4. DollarAndADream

    GM 3: Reign vs. Meute

    A loss, but I scored in my debut so that's cool.
  5. DollarAndADream

    GM 5: Bears vs. Legion

    What an offensive game, and the goalies actually played well! Malenko scores his first 2 goals of his career. @pennypenny Carison has a strong showing with 41 shots against. @Donno100 Jake Davis 2 assists . @Reives
  6. DollarAndADream

    A new GM spreadsheet I'm working on

    The Molholt thing is definitely pretty amazing. Dude comes over here, makes a player and brings his team to contention, his player becomes one of the best ever, while his team becomes one of the best ever and wins 3 in a row then he leaves. Made it look easy.
  7. DollarAndADream

    S62 VHFL Signup

    I want in. I want in deep. So deep.
  8. DollarAndADream

    S62 Regular Season Index

    It's DiMirio Jr, not Dimiro. You're missing and i.
  9. DollarAndADream

    S62 Regular Season Index

    Should run a test sim with these 1 overall players and see what happens.
  10. DollarAndADream

    SlapshotDragon's Reviewing Log

    2 TPE approved. @SlapshotDragon Unreviewed things take priority. I see you reviewed one there that already had a review done for it. Also, don't review things in the archived section unless there is nothing else to review in the main sections.
  11. DollarAndADream

    DrHexDex Reviews

    2 TPE approved. @DrHexDex
  12. DollarAndADream

    Concept for a VHLM expansion team (4 TPE) [1/2]

    I'm sorry, @Jubo07, but I can't approve this for a full 6 TPE. I found this logo right away by Googling hammerhead shark logos. So you basically just threw the text and this logo into a jersey generator. It's not original work. I'll give you 4 TPE for this. @Beketov@Will
  13. DollarAndADream

    Gregor Rasputinov Sig [1/2]

    @Joobles So, I'm not sure how much was really done here. It looks like you just added text onto the boards. I'd ask for next time for you to add more than that, maybe more layers or effects to it. Can't just slap on text to a picture and get 6 TPE. I'll let this one slide because you're new, but I ask for more effort moving forward.
  14. DollarAndADream

    Banking some sigs

    Broooooooooooo. That's sick! Thanks!
  15. DollarAndADream

    Practice Facility (August 13th - August 19th)

    +1 Twinger +1 Ironside