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  1. Yep. On the VHL Portal when you claim.....Claim Capped, under 'Type', it's Trivia (Answers).
  2. 1. Like others have said here, top 3. 2nd or 3rd, I'd say. We are one of the big growing teams right now. 2. Davos, probably. They are basement dwellers. 3. DC Dragons are going to go further in the playoffs than people think. 4. Wait until the deadline to make those decisions. If we're in a strong spot, then grab someone to push us over the hump. 5. Pouta was a great player, and is an awesome user. I didn't know him for long with DC since I just got here, but that's the gist I get from him. 6. It's all about TPE for goalies basically, so I'd say Rift is likely to keep that starting spot. He has over 150 more.
  3. I'm really getting spoiled with Wolski sigs tbh.....
  4. Ritchie with his 1st of the season and a GWG. Noice
  5. D- Berocka Sundqvist @Phil it's not your turn. we're done.
  6. Gotta give a little more to your answers than that, bruh. Try to avoid 1-2 word answers.
  7. So are we counting Paulo's 50 goals? 50+ means 50 and above. If I don't count Paulo's 50, and I still count S65, I have an answer. lmao
  8. This is what makes no sense to me. The wording could mean any sorts of things if you're diving into it. Since S65 means it includes S65. Like if I said I haven't spend any money since Monday. That means you spent money on Monday. I don't even know what I'm arguing anymore. I don't do trivia to dive into grammatical things.
  9. Same. 50+ should mean 50 and above, right? The answers don't fit for me either.
  10. mfw I thought I'd take over starting duties in my rookie season, but then Rift comes to town.