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  1. New York was a top team back when I joined in the S30s. Odin Tordahl, Connor Low, etc. A team I looked up to as a young buck and players I wanted to try to be like.
  2. This shit ain't hard, dude. Just be a nice guy and not give a flying fuck. Don't expect anything to come your way, and you can become a BoG, Head of PT, ex-GM, make fuckin ballin ass players, and enjoy your time on the VHL like me. Your post is full of contradiction all over the place. Chill, dogg.
  3. 1. Gotta be the coach! It's been a fun season here so far. No matter how far we go, I think we deserve from praise! 2. I believe so. We had a pretty good battle at the end of the season, for sure. 3. Xavier has been excellent. I think he has a very bright future. 4. Some kind of Dairy Queen ice cream. Peanut buster parfait? 5. Keep giving us a chance to win. They've done great with that so far. 6. I'm doing better mentally than physically. I've gained a little weight through laziness. Haven't really geared up back into the gym since they all reopened.
  4. I fully believe in this squad right here. Good games, Calgary. It might have been 3-0, but the games were close.
  5. I don't mind it the way it is. I still post in game threads. I don't really understand why people don't do it....as it's incredibly easy to click into a thread and open a portal link. I also post in my team's Discord about games. The bot literally did nothing for me. I never used it.