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  1. DollarAndADream


  2. DollarAndADream

    Official Videogame Thread

    I actually enjoyed it more than BF1, to be honest. I think the game just came out around too many others, so it sort of suffered. Most of the people I know that have it, love the game. I don't really play it much these days, but I buy too many games and that's the issue there.
  3. DollarAndADream

    Team Scandinavia World Cup Roster

    Good luck to us all! Should be a fun tourney. I think we have a solid chance to give some teams a run for their money.
  4. DollarAndADream

    Team Canada Roster - S64 World Cup

    What a solid roster! I think we have one of the best chances to win it all. Glad to have made the team.
  5. DollarAndADream

    Toronto Says Goodbye to Ironside

    It's been quite a ride all this time with Toronto. You really made the transition to not being a GM easy for me. Whatever happens with Ironside, Toronto will always in his heart. I'm so glad to have been able to win in Toronto again!
  6. DollarAndADream

    Practice Facility (February 11th - February 17th)

    Twinger 1 Ironside 1
  7. DollarAndADream

    DollarAndADream Grading Log

    2 TPE
  8. DollarAndADream

    DollarAndADream Grading Log

    February 11th-17th 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4
  9. DollarAndADream

    Basaraba Moose [1/2]

    Review: Sorry you didn't get any replies here. For a first attempt, it's actually not bad at all. The cut of the player render is smooth, and the logo added to the jersey looks great. It's a lot better than some attempts I've seen as well. Also the colour change to the player goes well with the Halifax logo. I'd probably have added some effects to the font there, and maybe even used a different font, but that's my personal preference. I just don't like that font. Haha. Nice work!
  10. DollarAndADream

    Stropko [1/2]

    Review: I've seen Stopko's name around so much that I almost forgot about Stropko. Good looking sig from you, as per usual. The black/yellow goes with the Guentzel? render and it looks nice and smooth.
  11. DollarAndADream

    For the Founder's Cup [1/2]

    Review: Logo changes, VHLM patches added, and you get the point across all around. I'd ask for some effects added or something, but there's enough added here and I can tell there was effort. Also, I appreciate Bo Horvat being in the picture, as a Canucks fan.
  12. DollarAndADream

    Harrison Graphic [1/2]

    Review: Pretty good attempt at a graphic. The cutting on the player render could use a little work, but it's pretty solid, nonetheless. I'd rather a different font than the one you used as well, but it doesn't look too bad over the picture and it's the Oslo colours, so that's a plus.
  13. DollarAndADream

    TPE: Weekly Reddit Recruitment

    Done HUT and Sabres.
  14. DollarAndADream

    VHL/VHLM expansion announcement Graphic [1/2]

    Review: Nice layout of all the cities, with the names underneath and the logo over top. Obviously the logo, as you said could have been better quality...but now you know where to find it.