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  1. Gotta add something VHL related to this piece.
  2. Wolski Looks to His Final Season Coming into this season, the VHL did not know what to expect from the DC Dragons. For awhile they were one of the top teams, but last season they had some big names retire. Big names like Benny Graves, Guy Lesieur, Cinnamon Block, Lewis Dawson, and more. Asking any team to follow up a contending season without those players is going to be a hard ask, but the Dragons went out there and made their push. Their big acquisition for this season was that of defenseman Alex Letang, who of course is a superstar player for any squad, and was going
  3. I gotta ask for more out of your graphics. I want to see some improvement and you trying different things. You can't just type stats into what I think is MS Paint with 2 logos. You've used this same template twice already.
  4. @Phil That's the alternate reality that I remember in my head.
  5. https://sba.today/forums/index.php?/topic/55708-media-week/&page=3&tab=comments#comment-910320
  6. It's relevant when you take the high ground and discuss being respectful to GMs. I'm happy you are where you're at these days. It's great for you and great for the league.
  7. It also wasn't fair to the GM who drafted you, Mikhail Vega in S61 and instantly going inactive after multiple conversations promising you were to be a trusted active. But it's just a sim league, so I didn't really care. Just like an article like this written by a player shouldn't be taken so seriously, IMO. It's a spicy storyline for his player to have that you don't see happen a lot. Upon first read, I didn't take this article as a big bashfest at all, but just as some sim league story controversy.
  8. 1. I think we'll make it. I 100% believe in this squad. 2. We need Wolski to keep playing great down this stretch. 3. I started off rocky, and now I've been better. I hope I can continue to do so. 4. I've played for a lot of VHL teams over my career of players. I wouldn't mind playing for a team that I never have before. Helsinki, Chicago, London, LA, Malmo, Moscow, Prague, or Warsaw. 5. I might have to agree with Spartan's answer here. 6. Honestly, I have to say both. I've been on VHL for awhile, so I'll always be accustomed with the forums, but Discord just gets you
  9. 1. Thanks for nothing, buddy. 2. The goaltender, I'd say. Wolski needs to heat up. 3. Preventing pucks from going into the net. 4. Give the posts as many stick taps as I can. 5. The DC Dragons have partnered with the Calgary Dragons of the SHL to bring chicken parmesan meals to the arena. 6. I've been in the SBA for years! Currently Garrus Vakarian in Miami. Love that league, and very glad the SBA/VHL affiliation is happening otherwise I wouldn't be in both.
  10. Ya'll just got Wolski'd.
  11. @Alex_J32 If this is your first attempt, I think you're well on your way.
  12. @jpach I'll approve this one but just know that using jersey templates to make graphics doesn't usually count for a full 6 TPE. They're more meant for VHL.com, 2 TPE stuff.