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Quebec Finally Beats Vasteras


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While few could argue that the Quebec City Muete were failing to meet expectations in S36, there was still a bit of a bitter taste in the mouths of the Quebec roster and coaching staff. While Quebec is of course one of the top teams in the league and their record and performance game in and game out showed that, almost inexplicably Quebec lost to the Vasteras Iron Eagles the first three tries. Vasteras goaltender Eggly Bagelface turned in solid performances in each game but considering the current status of both franchises, it felt like Vasteras was stealing some wins from one of the leagues best.


The head coach of the Muete former VHL player Rauno Pajari was dumbfounded in the first three affairs. But after the most recent Quebec Vasteras game, the fourth of the eight game series...a dominating 5-0 victory which saw Vasteras only get a measly 10 shots on goal, Pajari spoke to the media about what could of happened.


"The answer is simple. We took them too lightly. Our group played fine in the previous three meetings but we didn't go into that next gear, a gear we know we are capable of. The gear that propelled this group to be the Continental Cup Champions. A gear that as far as we concerned when we get to, few teams if any in this league can beat us at. We played average against Vasteras and while that may of worked a few seasons ago, credit has to be given to the Iron Eagles for how far they have come. They are no longer a walk in the park."


"But tonight we got psyched up. We know we are a better team than the Eagles, we think we are the best team in this league. So we weren't going to play average. We were going to play top end Quebec hockey and see what the Eagles thought of that. You saw the results. We outhit the Eagles 22 to 13, we out shot them 27 to 10 and we obviously kept them off the scoreboard. They barely had the puck all game, we out hustled them in every single position on the ice. After we went up by 5 in the first period in the second and third intermissions I told the boys to not left off the gas. Our performance tonight was a message to Vasteras and a message to our boys. Pretenders don't belong in the same league as contenders. It is my job to make sure our locker room doesn't have any doubts about who we are and who anyone else in this league is in comparison to us."

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