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Why does stamkos suck?


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Currently Centre Steven Stamkos has been shitting the bed recently in his teams games. He is averaging nearly 24 minutes a game yet is putting up way less than a PPG. He has 4 goals and 4 assists for 8 points in 21 games. TWENTY-ONE GAMES! His offence currently is not clicking and no one seems to know why. He also currently has 56 hits and is a +9. Something for some reason is not going for offence, Maybe he has just been having bad bounces because he is currently shooting at a 10% rate or one every 10 shots (currently has 39 shots). He currently has taken 56 faceoffs and has one 55% of them. What a weird season this is turning out to be for both the Bears and Stamkos. He currently has one year left on his contract, at the end of the season he will decide on whether he will stick it out for another year in the VHL or retire. He wants to win a VHL championship but also wants to perform to the best of his abilities. 

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