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Prospect Watch: Sami Kravinen


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/** Disclaimer - Old content - this was not published in the VHLM Magazine due to it not being released. **\



Prospect Watch: Sami Kravinen


From superstar to nobody; that is the current life of Sami Kravinen. Kravinen was the best defenseman in his previous league, the semi-professional PHL. In this week’s edition of Prospect Watch we take a look at Kravinen.  We will find out where he came from and how will he do with the transition to professional hockey.



Sami Kravinen is used to being a hero, coming from a league where he was two-time winner of the defenseman of the year trophy he sees himself as the next coming of the great ones like Bobby Orr. The Finnish defenseman however has the statistics to proof his greatness. When he entered the PHL he was on one of the worst teams from the league, yet he did manage to be that important for his team that he ended up being the Lidstrom winner, the trophy for best defenseman of the year.  While he was no point per game player, he racked up a fair amount of points, average more than four hits and two shots blocked a night you can say he was a great force on the ice.

His team improved when he got better himself as well and he got more in control of his offensive game. In only his second season he managed to score 118 points in only 80 games played, while still remaining a similar amount of hits, blocks and takeaways. Kravinen had outgrown the league and looked for a new challenge; it was time for professional hockey.


When his league went into hibernation mode, it was the worldwide Victory Hockey League that caught his eye. That would become his new goal, to become the best defenseman in this league. Kravinen is a known warrior; he will not stop until he achieves his goals and knows he needs to take it one step in a time. In order to get to the VHL he had however go to through the VHLM. A league where the strong will be separated from the weak. Only the best hockey players will remain and make the jump to the pros.


This season Kravinen is showing his worth for the Brampton Blades who he was the second waiver claim of the season for after they also had acquired Right Wing Damon Tyrael. Joining the Blades after they already played 12 games in the season was a bit hard for the Fin. He suddenly realizes he is not even remotely as good as he thought he was when matched up versus other talents that reside in the VHLM. His statistics compared to the old league have fallen down; he is no longer a point per game player, no longer blocking and hitting at his old pace, Kravinen is just one of the guys now instead of the superstar he was with his old team the Boston Fighting Irish.


Kravinen is however determined to improve and work towards being one of the best. The odds are always there he doesn’t pan out, but with the right motivation and mind set, Sami Kravinen might as well be the surprise pick of the Season 36 VHL and VHLM drafts. Keep an eye out for Kravinen, the potential is there. Once his adjustment period has ended, look for him to become one of the prime defenseman in the VHL.


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