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  1. Act like a HOF member now or we'll kick you out of the club again
  2. Even though I have not resorted to welfare on this player, I'm really opposed to removing/change it. There already is a 1 tpe penalty a week for pensioners and a 2 tpe penalty cap a week for newer players (or people like @RomanesEuntDomus who came just short and the rules were changed after). But the welfare system is one of the reasons the league flourishes in terms of players here, i would not take away or change this into something meaningless. If you want to be the best, you still have to work for it. If you are satisfied with the lower cap, you can still make a great player, and that's how it should remain.
  3. Holy hell, this didnt happen before? Thanks everyone for the votes and thanks to everyone in Malmo for making awesome players around me, could not have done this alone!
  4. Thats fantastic, as a teammate of @Tatein a different league im so glad to win this Wylde together ♡♡♡♡
  5. 1. London finished last, but has the 2nd overall pick in the upcoming draft. Do you think London will have a lottery pick next season? London has made some nice acquisitions, I think they wont have a lottery pick. 2. Do you play a musical instrument? If so, why did you chose that/those instruments? I have tried playing guitar / bass guitar in the past, but i never got really far. 3. Houston Bulls GM Rjfryman had a baby recently. What do you think his middle name is? Fry 4. Which British car manufacturer is your favorite and why? Is McLaren brittish? If so, them, just for the f1 cars 5. Sean Connery passed away on Halloween. Should we have a James Bond 007 Theme Night on opening night? Wasn't he scottish? Lets keep it to London guys 6. Which question have you always been ready to answer, but never got asked? Why are you posting in the London Press conference?
  6. I don't even know how it works, i think we just had to select the people and they do the rest on NHL21 or so themselves
  7. Technically we're playing as Toronto OD's Bitches (and yes, I needed to put a city in front somehow :D)
  8. 24. Rayz Funk Mr. Irrelevant, really something that not fits the career that he had. This finishes up our draft I believe.
  9. 20. Uhtred 21. Hugh Jass I still wonder what Uhtred stands for, hopefully drafting him will get some clarity. And Hugh Jass was wonderfull in fantasy this year for me, I got to have him on the team @Patrik Tallinder
  10. 16. Chad Magnum For recruiting me to the VHL 17. Chris Hylands And can't forget my teammate here @Patrik Tallinder
  11. 12. Brock Louth 13. Jeff Downey One guy that deserved the cup with his player. And Beaviss. @Patrik Tallinder
  12. 8. Raymond Bernard Lets show them what S68 is all about! 9. Ray Sheilds I just know he loves our uniforms and helmets @Patrik Tallinder
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