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Twelve Days of VHLM X-Mas


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/** Disclaimer - Old content - this was not published in the VHLM Magazine due to it not being released. Still wanted to get it out there so I did not write it for nothing **\



The Twelve Days of VHLM Christmas


Another year has gone by in the VHLM and while the preparations for Season 36 still have to start we are having a small holiday break. For this Christmas we will be looking back at twelve events that happened this year in the VHLM.


1 Goal Total

One of the latest additions to the VHLM was waiver claim Jihoon Park who got claimed by the Turku Outlaws. In his first 15 games he managed to score just 1 goal. Park will be entering the VHLM draft next season and hopes that his production will increase next year.



2 Seasons in the VHLM

The most physical player in the VHLM this year will likely be Brennan McQueen. McQueen has had two years now in the VHLM and will be suiting up for Riga Reign in the VHL next year. In these two years McQueen almost dished out 600 hits total, so the players in the VHL can consider to be warned for this heavy weight.



3 Goals a game

Unlike many people expected Xin Xie Xiao did not claim the top goal scorer award for the VHLM, that honor would go to Boone Cassidy. What Triple-X did get is the most hat tricks this season. In ten games total he managed to score at least three goals. Which is four more than Cassidy had managed. Hats off for Xin Xie Xiao.



4 Play off losses

The Bern Royals managed to get the third playoff seed in the European Conference. However their playoff adventure did not last long. After six games they had only won two versus the Oslo Storm. Vasteras managed to claim the first seed in Europe, however after six games they went out the same way as the Royals did, making the Storm advance to the finals.



5 Claims of Turku

It was a lost season for the Turku Outlaws. After 72 games they only got to fifteen wins, the least in the league. During the season they tried to turn the ship around by claiming five players from waivers. The addition of Knight, Charmander, Kricket, Hallmstrom and Park did not help however. They will still have the best odds in the upcoming lottery for Season 36.



6 Championships of Ice Dogs

The champion this year became the Ottawa Lynx. This is the seventh cup in the history of the franchise, but only the first as the Lynx. The previous six cups were won as the Ice Dogs in seasons 2,6,12,17,21 and 23.



7 Point difference ( Brampton vs Wild playoff race)

Most of the playoff spots were set in stone pretty early in the season, the last spot however was exciting until the end. Only a few games before the season ended the Saskatoon Wild clinched that last playoff spot in favor of the Brampton Blades who were seven points behind them.



8 Weeks of Practice

It must be the luckiest time of the season to be a prospect now. Due to delays in the season the practice facility doors are still open. Normally they close after eight weeks of practice, we are now at week ten however and they are still going. The prospects won’t complain and try their hardest to improve to make an impact next year.



9 Shutouts total

Even though he will retire from professional hockey, goaltender Que Cumberbatch was the backbone of the Minot Gladiators this season. The goaltender was good for a total of nine shutouts. The Gladiators ended the season with a twelve game winning streak. Seeing Cumberbatch only got 1 shutout during that period you can see how important he was during the rest of the season in Minot.



10 plus/minus managed

While the best plus/minus rating in the playoffs were from the Saskatoon players, the champion had two players who also had two players with a rating of plus 10.  One of them is defenseman Connor Low. Low was an important part of the succes of his team and will also be on the consideration of being the most valuable player of the play-offs. Like McQueen it is also his final goodbye to the VHLM and he will be suiting up in the VHL next season.



11 goals scored

In the top ten of centers (in terms of points), the eleven goals of Rhys Heyward-Jones are the least by any center. This makes Heyward-Jones one of the premier playmakers of the VHLM. It will have to be seen how this will go in the future, because despite his player agent checking into the new site, he had not realized he still had a player. Let’s hope for Heyward-Jones that his agent will regain his concience.



12 Losses only

Twelve losses, in a whole regular season. This is a feat that can be only be achieved by the greatest teams in the league. The Ottawa Lynx are one of these teams and they deserved the championship this year. With sixty wins, 8 losses and 4 overtime losses they were the team to beat this year.



From everyone who works with the VHLM Magazine we want to wish you happy holidays and we hope to see all of you again in Season 36 of the VHLM.

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