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Waiting For An Underdog Story

Runny Nose

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"Kai Randal showing his game face"

In the beginning of the season, Randal took the VHLM by surprise and boasted an impressive campaign early on in the season. Although the wind have calmed lately and he's slowly becoming the player he originally was, whose skill could only equal so much as to be a backup, the underdog vibe still lives on and one of these days people expect something great out of him. The best way to put it is that people are calmly waiting for him to make a great stride forward. What he's showing right now are baby steps of his improvement, as we all can notice that his skating skill has been improving lately. Since the beginning, he sets his goal as a small one so he can reach it easily with his baby steps. I mean, wasn't he the same guy who mentioned that he would be really glad if he was actually drafted? He's slowly achieving his goals with the baby steps of his. Maybe, just maybe, these baby steps could gather together and become a giant strides. After all, that's what the wise one always said and the VHL is an unpredictable place. If that's his real aim, this man actually know what he's doing and is walking the right path toward success. He started out as Player A, an unknown player, and he's now, well, Randal the underdog. Who knows what his name will become by the end of his career? For now let's play the waiting game and watch how it unfolds.

Randal's supporters are waiting; waiting for when the name Randal will be sung throughout the country.

General Managers are waiting; waiting for when he becomes a great enough player to contribute tremendously to their teams.

Randal, himself, is also waiting; waiting for the day when he reaches the top.

I am also waiting; waiting to see an amazing underdog story. No, the best underdog story.
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