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Goodbye Skylar Rift - Hello Logan Laich


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In half shock half expected news, Quebec Muete "franchise" goalie reigning Shaw and Kanou goalie Skylar Rift announced his retirement. Rift was not available for media for a long time, but when asked about his decision to retire, Rift gave a hilariously ironic answer. 


"I love this Quebec team and while the reaction from the fans hasn't been great most people understand. I am a fickle person and a fickle goalie. I tested free agency screwing a team that traded a serious asset to get me after all. But it isn't like this happened out of the blue. I have thought about this being my last season for a while, then when I pressured myself to make a decision.....I simply flipped my coin. The result told me it was time to move on."


In typical two face fashion, the VHL's resident Harvey Dent ended his career the same way he seemed to live it. Rumors are circulating that Rift is planning on joining a Norwegian cyber terrorist group and create big havoc in the world once he retires, but most claims come from unconfirmed sources. In the wake of the Rift news, player agent Ryan Power has announced that his next recruit has recently graduated from College and wanted to forgo playing in the NHL to join the VHL. Power had this to say.


"Yeah Logan Laich is a great hard working kid. Will be nice managing him over the enigmatic Rift. Logan was getting pressured by his brother, NHL forward Brooks Laich to come over to the league but after opting out of the NHL drafting process to stick in school Logan informed me he wanted to come over to the VHL. Logan is good friends with current Quebec coach Rauno Pajari and he said it was a conversation he had with Pajari that pushed his decision. I look forward to Logan entering the VHLM soon and getting geared up for the VHL Draft."


Laich will join a stacked draft class with Tom Slaughter and Slaeter Fjorsstorm looking to be top of the class. In a statement regarding what destination he liked to go, Laich had the following to say.


"Honestly I'd be happy to play for any team that drafts me. I'm not big on a lot of movement either, so once I get drafted I'd be perfectly happy to just sign a very long contract with a team and stick it out there for as long as they need me. Ultimately though I'm willing to do whatever the teams need me to do, I'm just happy to be apart of this whole thing."


While the career of Rift comes to an end one thing is for certain, Laich looks to be a more humble and down to earth player than the enigmatic Skylar Rift. 

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