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Hitting 400


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So I hit 400 TPE, I don't know if that's good or not. All I know is it's a lot more than my last two players combined (busts) so that's a good sign I think. Also I can retire now and receive an extra point in welfare so that's tempting too. Fortunately for Riga I've had a good time and I'm not too frustrated with how my player is playing yet. My offense is meh but that's to be expected and if I lose my lead in hits in the league then I'll probably be more upset but it's the first season of many and I should only improve. And I'm only like -1000 right now and take 20 penalties a game so that's cool too I guess. At least I get to wear a letter on my jersey not in juniors for like the first time in my sim league career, so that's super exciting!

Unfortunately for the rest of you Mike said I'm not allowed to stop at 400 and go inactive so you're gonna have to put up with me for a little bit more.

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