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  • Sometimes I feel like the titles of these notes are the most fun part of writing them
  • A lot to unpack about the last week, starting with a certain member's dismissal
  • It's definitely controversial, considering everything he's done here, most of which was before I came back. But the fact that in the 5-6 months I've been back, I've seen him get into massive shit-slinging contests with about 5 or 6 different, respected members - never mind the countless new members he's shit on/driven away, is a huge red flag to me. His points of contention had merit, but his methods of arguing them crossed several lines. Nobody deserves to have their personal lives attacked, especially in a place like this, that is supposed to be a place of enjoyment, and many use it to get away from their personal lives for whatever reason they may have.
  • So that last point was different than my usual notes, I'll go a bit over the 150 to add a few lighter points
  • Even with the issues that arose with the league's big announcement, we have 6 new creates since Thursday.
  • MVP race is starting to get a bit weird. McAllister has lost his lead, with just 14 points in his last 12 games, he's now 13 points back of Krigars. In fact, 2nd and 3rd are also Reign players in Locke and Muller. Will be interesting to see if that draws some votes Gabe's way, given the cluster of Riga players...
  • In league Power Rankings, Toronto and Riga stay atop the league, sitting 1-2, respectively. Seattle has tumbled down to 6th, while Helsinki and Calgary have pushed up to 3rd and 4th, respectively.
  • I don't buy it, without Calgary running the table, and New York forgetting how to hockey, New York has the last playoff spot all but locked up
  • I've made a late season appearance on the top 10 D scoring list. Fairly happy with that considering Calgary's lack of scoring this season (1.86 G/GP for the team)
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