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  1. Ooof, Seattle’s has our number somehow this season
  2. Quik

    VHL GM Opening

    Yep, I'm pretty sure @Higgins went a season or 2 looking for a replacement before I took over lol
  3. Quik

    VHL GM Opening

    Are you implying that the spot is down to you and Blade, and bowing out gives it to her? 🤔
  4. I'm honestly a bit surprised that this is news to people. I guess a decade and all the OG members aging out has left few who remember lol
  5. Quik

    VHL GM Opening

    I am aware. I am just insulting everyone for their vile taste in schools. You must be an S tier clown to say Hogwarts is good.
  6. Quik

    VHL GM Opening

    Apparently @Sharkstrong is a Hufflepuff truther Everyone knows Hogwarts is a 2nd rate school, and the only thing it has on Durmstrang is the mixed dorms
  7. There's already a Swedish team with a bird as its logo, no need to bring back Vasty You're welcome! Vasty was an original franchise, not a failed experiment lol. They just got so much bad voodoo going for them that people started to hate them
  8. Hey everyone, At the end of the season, a GM slot will be opening up. To maintain respect for the process, the team receiving the new GM will not be announced publicly. If you have interest in becoming a VHL GM, please apply in this thread.
  9. Must have been a banana peel on the ice or something smh
  10. That's a yikes, but not really something he needed to quit every league because of. Guess he was worried it'd cross into other leagues.
  11. Quik

    VHL Rule Book

    Updated Draft Rules with the current lottery format, as well as draft order.