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  1. #5 looks like the beginnings of a @gorlab sig
  2. Yeah, it's unfortunate that it's come to this, but SBA has made it clear they no longer wish to affiliate, and aren't open to further discussions. Should that change, I think we'd be more than open to finding something amenable to all parties, but we will no longer be reaching out to try and salvage a relationship with an unwilling participant.
  3. Quik

    W/E April 12

    that's cuz he's always looking for that cheddar
  4. Good for them! Victor can be a bit much at times, but he's HOF for a reason, and one of the best GMs of all time. I'm a bit biased because I absolutely love Moscow's logo, but I'm happy they're the first expansion team to take it. Modest, but 25 goals and 45+ points would be a nice step in ACL's career. Right now he's pacing a bit below that on the goals mark, but a bit higher on the points, so it's been a decent return to form for him. Had no idea @Dil was even on the team. Who is his player? Probably doesn't matter, because he'll be a bust anyway. If I had to put money, I'd bet on a Moscow repeat - they're who I put for predictions. Really though, on paper, it's probably a toss up between them, Calgary and us. We'll see what happens. In the regular season, I think anywhere from 3-6. We got off to a rough start, but have one of the better teams on paper. In the playoffs, anything can happen, and I can easily see us going to the Finals. You know those virtual golf simulators in Golf Town? @Beaviss likes to go in there and play whatever course the last person left it on.
  5. Quik


    +2 each for Kronos/ACL
  6. 1) Our combined goal tending has been stellar, including back-to-back shutouts last week. What do you attribute this success to? As a team, we've been playing really strong defence, not giving the opposition much space to get quality shots on goal. We're making it pretty easy for those guys in the pipes, and they've been rewarding us by being stellar in turn! 2) Helsinki has shown grit more this season than in recent memory. How does this benefit you as a player? Having that bit of edge to our game definitely opens up some space for us. Makes it easier to play your game when you don't have to worry about being put through the boards every time you head up ice. 3) As of the end of week 3 we are 2 points out of a playoff spot. What do we need to improve to make the jump up? I think consistency is our biggest issue, offensively. We'll have some games where we put up 4+ goals, and then go a bunch putting up 2 or less. A big part of that lands on me, I've been pretty inconsistent overall, but I'm starting to hit my stride and can hopefully help get our offence rolling. 4) What has been the biggest change in your day to day life over the last 3 to 4 weeks? Honestly, eating out a lot less. I used to be guilty of grabbing a McMuffin and coffee for breakfast, and eating out for lunch more than I should be. Current events have obviously made that less of an option, so I've been cooking more and been better about preparing my meals ahead of time. 5) What is a social activity you miss taking part in? Just hanging out with people. Luckily, I have my fiancee so it's not lonely, but not being able to do much aside from going to work will have its own challenges at any time. We're starting to run out of things to watch, so we'll see what happens lol. 6) Do you have a favorite motivational hockey quote? Eh, not really. There's tons of great quotes from decades of hockey, but I think the best ones come when they're needed, from someone you know. To me, the best motivation you get is from someone you trust and respect.
  7. +6 ACL +12 Kronos (Player Store Doubles 1/2)
  8. I actually didn't love that one, so I made a new WillNy sig for ya
  9. Quik

    VAN/NYA; S71

    Did you ban it again?