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  1. Quik


    Oof, tbf the nation switch was meant more to allow people to switch out of Canada/USA, rather than into them
  2. Interesting read @cody73!
  3. Alex Pepper @Rocketman04 You can also pick your Dman, and then tag leafssteen when you’re done
  4. Or that 2nd H will finish the job and he'll be decapitated!
  5. Sucks we couldn't pot one to get the W. Battle of the Special Teams went to the 'Special' team
  6. Interesting sequence in the 3rd there... 0:27 - Calgary Penalty 0:51 - Helsinki PP Goal 0:54 - Helsinki Penalty 1:08 - Calgary PP Goal 1:23 - Calgary Penalty 2:35 - Helsinki PP Goal 3:12 - Calgary Penalty 7 Game sheet events in under 200 seconds to open the period lol
  7. Better late than never, right folks? After a team vote, the Helsinki Titans are proud to announce the following as their captains for the franchise's 66th season: Captain: KRONOS BAILEY Alternate Captain: JULIAN BORWINN Alternate Captain: ALEXANDER PEPPER Congrats to @Jubo07 and @Sonnet for continuing to provide their excellent leadership qualities that do not go unnoticed in the locker room, or on the ice!
  8. Still not sure how Malmo's doing so well, bless them for taking on Toronto's mantle lol
  9. @Beketov getting pissed at Seattle for not winning him a Cup the past couple seasons (seriously though, that's two instigators for us in two straight games...) Forget @Sonnet and @Spade18, HSK G coming for that Shaw!
  10. Yeah, I'm fine with just DQ'ing people who miss 2-straight. Like I said, it doesn't really make a difference to the others, except there's a bigger talent pool available to pick from.
  11. @DougF is banned, so won't be making any picks. In the past, Bush has auto-drafted for members who miss 2 straight picks, so you can do that if you want, or leave them be since it doesn't really matter, we'll just have 4 stronger than normal teams against each other than the typical 6.
  12. @Anthony Matthews / @Bushito I think there's a few auto-picks you guys need to make before we can continue this thing. OP is updated to this point. 1 team has apparently been skipped completely, and another is Doug's team, so he'll need auto picks for his final 3 as well.
  13. With @Victor's triumphant return to Trivia week, I'm now writing my third freaking VHL.com article, and this one isn't even for any capped TPE. Apparently, @DilIsPickle didn't like my last article, because I pondered what the hell to talk about for a while, before getting to the point. What he doesn't understand is that, as a blue, I have pretty much free reign to do what I want, and he has no choice but to accept that as law...you'd think as a fellow Punjabi he'd understand corruption at the top! But no, seriously, considering the blog format, talking about what to talk about is perfectly acceptable, and anyone can do it if they wanted to, so long as the ramblings are at least loosely league related. On the topic of league related and TPE, while also looping back to my original point about this not even counting as capped TPE, we really do hand out a lot of TPE now, compared to the 'old days.' It's not necessarily a bad thing, but it definitely leads to a laissez-faire attitude towards earning. Do I love that? No. But it's a necessary evil to get the league to a point where we have more actives than we've pretty much ever had. Anyway, that's my time, don't forget to tip your server, I'll be here (mostly) all week!