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  1. Smarch has a goalie so I’ll take Wolski @fonziGG you can pick your goalie too
  2. the one I voted for is ... not the winner, guess I still don't know
  3. hopefully not with 4 different teams haha
  4. lmao just realized I didn't even say who I took last round Davis + Oferson @Smarch
  5. CHICAGO, IL - The time is upon us. As the Victory Hockey League prepares to open its 74th season, one of its newest franchises, the Chicago Phoenix, readies itself to unveil a new look roster full of promising rookies, headlined by 2nd Overall Pick Christian Mingle. The somewhat surprising selection will be looked to as the team's top offensive weapon, and it remains to be seen how he will cope with the adjustment after thriving as a secondary piece last season with the VHLM's Houston Bulls. After an off-season that saw him put in more hours of work than nearly anyone in the league, expectatio
  6. Breakfast for dinner.

    1. McWolf
    2. Quik


      @McWolf you eating dinner at 11am?

    3. McWolf


      I eat french dîner at 11-noon.

      Languages are hard

  7. Holy shit it’s @brooks. Hope you’ve been doing well man! Things have definitely changed since the last time you logged in haha
  8. do I no longer have the members tag? I didn't get a notification for beav's post yesterday