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  1. Can confirm, your tones were indeed very sulky
  2. tfw you're playing like ass, but your team is still killing it AND you've already got better stats than last season
  3. If that's how GMs feel it's best to use their player, that's entirely up to them. We've never had an issue with early retirement, in fact it used to be encouraged - which is why most HOF players from the early days weren't 8-season players.
  4. Mingle going cold no problem for the Phoenix!
  5. lol yeah, I remember, Simon just loves to pick on one team for some reason
  6. Man, I know it's bound to happen with all the expansion, but I hate that Simon doesn't know how to make an even schedule with the inputs we use. Oh well, just means more games later in the season
  7. No clue what you're talking about Tho, doom is right that they've been pinned in this forum since 2013 lol
  8. Quik

    VHL Rule Book

    Change Log (25-November-2020) 13.0 - Retirement, Re-Creating & Depreciation - Updated to include rules on retirement/unretiring your player.
  9. don't be so down on yourself, you had it in you the whole time!