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  1. Quik

    Name that Brand!

    Listen up pigeons, I know you guys all love your Uncapped TPE, so here's a chance to earn some! The Victory Hockey League is looking to find some Brands to Sponsor the league. We thought it'd be fun to let you guys come up with some of the brand names, and toss some TPE at you for your troubles. Here's the catch: you need to provide ~100 words describing your brand. For each brand + description you come up with, you will earn 1 Uncapped TPE, to a maximum 3 TPE. The limitations on this are fairly loose: Must be a fictional Brand Can be based off of a real life brand, Grand Theft Auto style Needs to be something you would see attached to a hockey league That's it. Have fun with it. Here's a few examples of what we're looking for: Bio Metal “Slurp the purp’!” Bio Metal’s world renowned purple recovery drink ensures that athletes of all levels are always ready to get right back into the action, so long as they’ve got our “special stuff” in their water bottles! With a patented recipe that uses ingredients so secret they’re not even available in stores, the FDA can only dream about placing sanctions on our product! While it aids in recovery, it’ll really put some jump in your step - we’re not saying there’s PEDs involved in our product, but we’re also not saying what exactly is, if you catch our drift.  CCN One of hockey’s premier equipment manufacturers, CCN provides its athletes with top of the line gear starting with the best skates money can buy, working all the way up to the to helmets that keep protect your noggin’ from a floggin’! Players who use CCN equipment can always expect state of the art equipment, with new pieces created and shipped out every month, CCN athletes are always ahead of the times when they hit the ice. Haterade Envious of other athletes who have top endorsements from Nike, Addidas or Reebok? Pissed off that some duster is taking your minutes? Guess you’re sipping the Haterade! Whether you’re red with anger, or green with envy, or just blue in the face from yelling at other players, Haterade has the drink for you, ready to fuel your hatred! With 17 flavours available for any mood, Haterade provides its athletes with the electrolytes and hydration to keep going, even when your body, your body is telling you no. Over Armour Tired of needing to wear long johns underneath your equipment? Having to wear hockey pants, socks and a sweaty, stinky jersey? Well, Over Armour might just be your solution! A one-piece coverall for the hockey player on the go, Over Armour provides a quick, zip-up suit that goes above your equipment. No longer do you need to put on socks, then pants, and then a jersey over everything. And say goodbye to those sticky long-johns! Now, you just put your equipment on your naked body, the way God intended, then zip up and head out onto the ice, quick and easy! Pacifist Rock ‘em, sock’em hockey not for you? More into the zen, peaceful pace of non-contact hockey? Then, maybe Pacifist is for you! No pressure, but we here at Pacifist pride ourselves on the serenity that meditation and relaxation. Come join us at our yoga mats, where we can provide you the ultimate in protective equipment - that’s 100% organic, cruelty free and gluten-free. We ensure that our athletes not only protect themselves, but our equipment has contact dampeners to protect other athletes as well, because, as a great man once said: “An eye for an eye only makes the whole world blind!”  Weston North? South? East? No way, Jose! The folks at Weston are all about players who love to head West when they’re on the ice. Dipsy-doodle around your opponents, as long as it’s to the West! Taking a shot? Aim for the West side! Passing? You guessed it, to the West! What some may call predictable, we call reliable. Teammates will never need to worry about which way the puck is going when it’s carried by a Weston athlete! We fit our athletes with the ultimate in hockey equipment technology, with heavy focus on the stronger West side, to ensure that you’re always ready to head West
  2. Quik

    Emperor Konstantin

    +2 Kronos @Pandar
  3. Quik

    One eyed Monty

    +2 MJ @BarzalGoat
  4. Quik


    +12 for Kronos (2nd donation doubles week)
  5. W/e September 30 +12 Johnsson (Using second donation doubles week)
  6. Quik

    Beketov CoDCast Questions

    Pancakes with or without butter? Have you had a chance to play the new Spider-Man yet? Thoughts on it? Your pick for Continental Cup Champions? What is your perfect day? Any good movie recommendations? Thoughts on the S63 Draft Class?
  7. Quik

    Wildcard GM 1: Seattle vs. Riga

    Just what I suspected, neither team has D
  8. I mean, there's only, what, 5 players who have been in the 12 cap era? @CowboyinAmerica probably wouldn't have top spot, but the list wouldn't be that different. If anything, there should be something denoting the players who played in the league when it was the Wild West, and people were getting 4s and 5s on their PTs consistently, and it was so much harder to cap out, even at 9. Also, I think it's interesting that there's only 6 with under 400 TPE on them. The fact that 1st overalls usually end up as at least solid 2nd line players is pretty good. Obviously, you want more than that from a top pick, but getting a useful piece is still better than nothing.
  9. Quik

    GM 279: Wranglers vs. Reign

    **woosh** there goes any hope at the labatte
  10. Quik

    VHLM Newsletter - Seventh Edition

    Hahah, yeah, Question B threw me for a bit of a loop when I first read it. I’d thought maybe someone pulled it off in the decades I was gone. Had to read it a few times before realizing what was up
  11. Quik

    Have we lost all diversity?

    I mean, it’s been that way for years now. A lot of people combat that with mixing in a goalie here and there, or trying for weird builds that get no love (tough guy who maxes out fighting/checking/strength, defender who puts no tpe into scoring or passing, etc). Its part of the league where it’d be fairly difficult to do something like put in archetypes or change the update scale yet again. It’d be different if STHS has attributes like agility, acceleration, shot power/accuracy, or even aggressiveness and intelligence. Then it’d require a bit more specialization and lower attributes, but even that wouldn’t totally change the game.
  12. Quik

    VHLM Player Press Conference

    Yeah, we definitely needed it out. How did they do it though? Could they not have put a pier between the H and X? Even without a wordmark, that would have been a nod. Or, just a clean wordmark "Twenty-first" above "alifa"? I think at least some shading on the ship would have helped, and a non-Arial Bold font lol.
  13. Quik

    VHLM Player Press Conference

    I really enjoyed theme week, it was fun to see everyone talking about each other, the fun stories that were created, and all the graphics that came out of it. Even der_meister came out with a podcast which is always fun! For next season, it's looking like theme week will fall around American Thanksgiving. Maybe something related to that. The World Juniors would be another possibility. VHL History could be fun, to see what new members might come up with to describe teams of the past! I'm not so up-to-date on any new social media platforms, maybe MySpace? But, really, Instagram would probably be next on the Social docket. Gotta go with my boy @BarzalGoat! I might have pulled a snake on him by signing with Hali, but he's got the chops to get it done! Rush over Wild. It's already been decided now, but would have said Halifax. The depth they picked up in those 2 young players, Rylan Peace and ... what was his name again? K something? Rhymes with Daily? Anyway, they're absolutely stacked heading into the playoffs! They probably could have found a way to fit the team name in the negative space above Halifax, but it's a solid logo. Would have preferred a bit more colour, or shading though - it's a little flat as is. Hmm...as a GM with personal interest in not revealing my thoughts, I don't know that I can answer this, properly. I will say that I see a forward, and three defencemen going in some order, but won't say what that order is! Is that fair? Since I accidentally claimed my other PCs on Kronos, these will go towards Johnsson.