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  1. Powerplay saved our butts big time. Nice to string together a few Ws tho
  2. But if an ugly one, but winning when you’re top line center who has 80 discipline decides to instigate a fight halfway through the game is always a good thing
  3. Quik

    VHLM Grad Bonus

    To add to this, any @VHL GM caught circumventing this by calling a player up to receive the grad bonus, then sending the player back down will be subject to punishment.
  4. Quik

    VHLM Grad Bonus

    This is an update to the announced Grad Bonus that will be implemented this season. Any player who is in the VHLM this season (S68) will be eligible for the 20 TPE Graduation Bonus, which has now replaced the Achievement Tracker. There will be no need to claim anything, as, beginning next season, the portal will automatically distribute grad bonuses to each player, upon playing their first VHL game. @VHLM GM @VHL GM tagging both groups so they can tell any prospects about the decision.
  5. @Will did we add more teams? Also, the portal is still running GMT
  6. tbh, if he did this and actually explained his process (colours, image choice, font choice, etc.) it would qualify as a video/podcast. But using an image generator to produce the logo does go against the rules. While yes, you're right that even "rip" content, in the sense that they're almost never using images owned by the member, they're still manipulating them in a way that is their own, using layers and effects to create something new. This is basically clip art, which has never been allowed for PT submission.
  7. Have to DQ him to keep this moving. He takes Crosby and Smitty. You're up @wcats
  8. @Sixersfan549 @KC Philip you're otc
  9. Doesn't work like that. If you don't pick, you get DQ'd. LittleRiDog has missed 2 picks, and is now DQ'd. He takes RSJ + Davison Uphillmoss takes Maxim Kovalchuk. @Velevra
  10. McWolf and Jerwa @AcousticKazoo
  11. @Antone10 with his first as a Titan! We keep firing shots at this rate, the offence is bound to break through, May really kept them in it this game. Also, what the hell was that first period? Jesse Wilson (HSK) for Roughing (Minor) at 3:53, Sidney Crosby (HSK) for Diving (Minor) at 6:19, Jordan Tonn (HSK) for Fighting (Major) at 9:22, Jorgon Weyed (MOS) for Fighting (Major) at 9:22, Jordan Tonn (HSK) for instigated a fight (Game Misconduct) at 9:22, Jesse Wilson (HSK) for High sticking (Minor) at 12:07, Evgeni Komarov (MOS) for Attempt to injure (Major / Game Misconduct) at 15:21, Dean Clarke (MOS) for Cross-checking (Minor) at 19:35 Diving, fighting, @Gooningitup trying to kill @oilmandan. Must have been a ton of fun for those sprites to watch
  12. You get one more pick. Also, tag Dalton again when you go
  13. Quik


    If @Beketov keeps simming at this pace, we'll find out in June!