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  1. 5 players, hmm... St. Cloud - Right after Bailey, went inactive pretty quickly into his draft season Snelheid 2.0 - don't know if I ever even updated him after the first week creating him Gallo - I was decently active with him through his rookie season, but may have gone inactive before the draft? Johnsson - went inactive 1-2 weeks before the draft, but had more TPE than most, was a little surprised I fell that far with him ACL - Build. It's hella boring being a fighter in this league lol
  2. Bleh x2 Congrats to Bek on 400, but woulda rathered it not happen against us
  3. @Beketov / @Devise you both know I'll be away, but just a heads up that @Jubo07 will be sending in lines until I get back.
  4. You guys are weak, I'm going away for almost 2 weeks, and this is all you've got to send me off with? Ok, except this one. This one hurts
  5. The sliders haven't changed in years...Could just be Davos has your number. Or their strategies just work perfectly against you. Either way, it's not entirely unreasonable for an outcome like this to happen.
  6. Wild 90 seconds to start the game... 0:08 of 1st period - Goal by Trevor Van Lagen - Helsinki Titans : 0 - Malmo Nighthawks : 1. 0:42 of 1st period - Minor Penalty to Trevor Van Lagen for Close Hand On Puck. 1:02 of 1st period - Goal by Orion Slade - Helsinki Titans : 1 - Malmo Nighthawks : 1. 1:33 of 1st period - Goal by ACL TEAR - Helsinki Titans : 2 - Malmo Nighthawks : 1. Van Lagen giveth, Van Lagen taketh away
  7. I'll take a late comeback win in a goalie duel!
  8. Helsinki Titans Press Conference Week Ending October 6th The Titans have taken over 1st overall in the league standings, how much confidence do you have when you step out onto the ice right now? What has been your most memorable performance of the season thus far? What team have you most enjoyed playing against? Why? What team have you least enjoyed playing against? Why? As we are close to the mid-way point of the season, have you performed up to your own expectations? What is one area of the game you think the team can improve on, heading into the second half? @BarzalGoat @Quik @Jubo07 @SidTheKid87 @monkeywrench15 @Sonnet @BluObieZ @RunnerBert11 @MexicanCow123 @okocha5 @Tophdaddy @TsarPeter @Jesse Nyman @NavyCanuck @MMFLEX @oilmandan @Antone10
  9. Europe dominating the standings When the VHL announced at the S67 Trade Deadline that it would expand by two teams, and then later that it would return to two conferences, many predicted that the European Conference would easily be the stronger of the two. The Helsinki Titans and Riga Reign have been perennial contenders for at least the past 4 seasons, the Moscow Menace are a team on the rise, the HC Davos Dynamo have had strong underlying numbers for years, and the Malmo Nighthawks had signed the biggest Free Agent out there in Matt Thompson. Nearing the mid-way point of the season, those predictions are bearing fruit, as European clubs hold 4 of the top 5 spots in the league's overall standing, and 5 of the top 7. This despite a schedule weighted towards facing clubs in your own continent, more frequently than those across the pond. In fact, Davos is just 1 point away from making it 5 of the top 6 teams in the league being European. The Helsinki Titans have pushed their way to the top after a mediocre start to the season, coming out of the gates with a 3-3-1 record after 7 games. In the 26 games since, they have played to a 19-4-3 record, scoring 96 goals while giving up 65 over that span.
  10. Quik

    S68 VHFL Group 18

    Yep, any time. @StamkosFan can also make up their pick anytime @nethi99 is on the clock