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  1. whatever, honestly this is stupid af. I'm taking it out of the application because it's not necessary in that thread.
  2. Yes, because as the woman that self proclaims as one for justice and good vibes, it really connects with your message to randomly decide to attack someone for saying (and I literally quote): Keep telling yourself you have the moral superiority here, hopefully it helps you feel better.
  3. You know how parents teach children "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything?" Guess some people missed that lesson.
  4. Transaction ID: 20623895550867059 5 TPE Doubles Week 1M Player Store
  5. 1K posts and I'm still alive, at this point feels like Rory isn't even trying.
  6. LMFAO This sig feels so familiar, if only for the fact that everybody used the border text for a decent period of time back then
  7. As always, in and down to manage my group
  8. SEASON 77 EXPERIENCE POINTS Congratulations to everyone for another fantastic season and a special congratulations to the Seattle Bears for winning the S77 Continental Cup! As always, with the season past, all VHL players have earned some more experience.  How to Claim Claim experience in the Player Management area by clicking the 'CLAIM OFF-SEASON TPE' button and selecting Experience from the dropdown. Enter the amount of Experience you are eligible for as described below and link to this thread.  Once approved, the Experience will be added directly to your
  9. S77 OFF-SEASON / S78 SEASON SCHEDULE: Dates and times subject to change TO BE DETERMINED S77 VHLM Awards Ceremony @ TBD Sunday, May 9th Off-Season Begins Experience Points Allocated Depreciation (Affects S71 / S72 / S73 Drafted Players) S78 Finance TPE Cut-Off (all TPE earned, up to, and including, this date will affect salary brackets for S78)  Monday, May 10th Tuesday, May 11th S77 Hall of Fame Induction Wednesday, May 12th S77 VHL Awards Ceremony @ 8PM EDT WJHC Day 1 WJHC
  10. Fucking preach my dude! Soon as it ends, I'm calling a vaccinated meetup for all GTA 19+ at a patio to watch the Jays or some shit.
  11. Ayyy that April fools joke is what got you back?!?! “check the builders category” “alcoholic farmer simmer” Don’t worry about the Clegane bowl, Victor makes sure to keep everyone apprised of his league comings and goings Love how offended you got at 3PPAO vacation pod Also, put your phone on silent you fucking degenerate
  12. smh I went to school for business, not mathematics, at least keep it simple enough for google to tell me the answer