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  1. Holy shit that 3rd period come back in game 4! LETS FUCKING [CHICA]GOOOOOO
  2. Quik

    Two New GMs

    I mean, unless that came from one of Bek, Beav or myself, those "well established members" are wrong.
  3. Oh, then yeah...I mean, tanking in this tournament isn't helpful unless someone else owns your pick. That doesn't really apply here, I think Josh just didn't realize the bot was in net for the final game of the regular season, which are the lines that carried over.
  4. Which team is run by a commish?
  5. Quik

    Two New GMs

    I mean, I'm not going to get into specifics about who was hired for any of the recent GM openings in either league, and why people were/weren't hired, but this is abjectly false, and I lean far closer to Flyers' take that these M jobs should be going to newer members. WRT the VHL jobs, there is no weighting of newer vs. older - that's a ridiculous take and a minimization of the process. At the end of the day, we're looking at members who are active and contributing to the league now, whether they've been here 10 months or 10 years is merely an afterthought. Member history is consid
  6. I just made a new folder with Lottery so the links don't break here
  7. ?? Just realized LA's been playing the bot in net. Yeah, that's not me lol, I'm assuming the bot played the last game of the season, and carried over into the tournament
  8. Day Three London vs. Los Angeles Davos vs. Toronto New York vs. London Los Angeles vs. Davos London vs. Malmo Los Angeles vs. Toronto Toronto vs. New York New York vs. Davos Malmo vs. Los Angeles Malmo vs. London
  9. Day Two Malmo vs. New York Toronto vs. Davos Los Angeles vs. London Toronto vs. Malmo Davos vs. Los Angeles London vs. Toronto Davos vs. New York New York vs. Malmo
  10. Day One New York vs. Los Angeles Malmo vs. Toronto London vs. Davos Los Angeles vs. New York Davos vs. Malmo Toronto vs. London Toronto vs. Los Angeles London vs. New York Malmo vs. Davos Davos vs. London New York vs. Toronto Los Angeles vs. Malmo