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  1. I made this same joke and was told it was bad, therefore you are also bad at jokes
  2. Season 73 VHL Draft Lottery + Expansion Team Draft Slot Lottery Date: Monday, July 6th, 2020 Time: 10:25AM EDT - 10:30AM EDT Good morning VHL! Today is the VHL Draft Lottery, which will determine the draft order for the non-Playoff teams, as well as the slots that the four Expansion Teams will select from. As a refresher, the rules for both of these lotteries are as follows: With the Rules out of the way, let's get to the two lotteries, starting with where the Expansion Slots will fall: Now that the Expansion Team draft slots are determined, we will continue on to the S73 VHL Draft Lottery, to determine which teams will be selecting 1-4 in the first round: Which means that the draft order for the S73 VHL Entry Draft will be as follows: Editing to add: As per the Expansion Rules, the 2nd round will feature four (4) Compensation Picks that will fall between Prague and Toronto, as the 21st-24th Overall Picks in the Draft.
  3. TBH, as with most rules, it's something that has been understood since the beginning of the league, so there hasn't been reason to even contemplate adding it to the Official Rule Book until something arises that makes you realize it does. It isn't so much that we're making things up as we go along, but after years of knowing an "unwritten" rule (I say it like that because there have been instances where it's been brought up by GMs and told it wasn't allowed), you take for granted that not everyone has that same history, so you can only adjust when it becomes clear that it's necessary, and move forward.
  4. Example Davos starts Ross 22/22 games, trades for Goalie X. Now, Goalie X is allowed to start 50/50 Seattle starts Funk 5/5 games, trades for Goalie Y. Goalie Y may only start 64/67 games, so a 3rd goalie would need to start the remaining 3 games
  5. @VHL GM this mostly applies to you, so only tagging you lot.
  6. It has always been an unwritten rule that teams are not to blatantly tank, and were to put forward their best possible roster. Due to there not always having been enough human created players to fill a roster, rules were never formalized to prevent playing CPU players over human created ones, whether the human created player was active, inactive, or retired. That is no longer the case with the introduction of the Spirit of Competition Rule: You may notice that the cutoff of 250 TPA was noted several times, in regards to goaltenders. For several years now, there has been an unofficial rule (as in, it has not been in the VHL Rule Book, but has been noted for General Managers in the GM Forum) that teams may not play weak goaltenders in the place of bots, which have been set to 200 TPA for many years. Starting in S73, all CPU Goaltenders will be uniformly set to 250 TPA, with matching attributes and bio-metrics for each goal tender, removing any potential for variance in CPU Goalie quality. As well, there will be an amendment to the Louth Rule, to clarify any potential issues with regards to backup games, which will now read as: