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  1. Quik

    GM 227: Wranglers vs. Bears

    Holy shit those shot numbers tho
  2. Quik

    GM 219: Reign vs. Bears

    Never said only Helsinki
  3. Quik


    https://vhlportal.com/gameview/61/VHL61-223.html @Banackock This is is the second time you’ve played your backup against Helsinki. Explain yourself!!!
  4. Quik

    GM 224: HC Dynamo vs. Wranglers

    Bleh. Dav G playing like the teams true No. 1
  5. Quik

    GM 220: Titans vs. Wranglers

    Good team win. MJ is a goon
  6. Quik

    Expanding the VHLM

    I think 1 more team is good for now. Realistically, how many players are going to remain active? I think 14 spots (9 forward, 4 defence and a goalie) is a good amount to add right now. Anything more and we start to spread things pretty thin again, especially once people start dropping off.
  7. Quik

    Yukon Rush AGM

    Congrats @BarzalGoat, you’ll do great! 👍🏿
  8. Quik

    GM 182: Reign vs. Wranglers

    Hahahaha fuck off simon t
  9. Quik


    So it's been hot as fuckkkkk the past week, and I'm fucking loving it As I said last week, or the week before - I really can't fucking remember when - the top of the standings are STILL anyone's race Calgary got to within 1 point of Davos, but a pair of losses knocked us 5 points back of them, and in a tie with Helsinki New York is catching back up to the main pack though, now 5 points back of us, so it'll be a really interesting final 20-odd games to go Riga is working some black magic, offensively, as they continue to score a fuckton with Pablo on the team now Sometimes, luck is on your side though, as their top 4 scorers are shooting a combined 10.4%, while the league average is 8.4% Who knows if they'll come back to earth this season or not, but we may very well have the next generation of Krigars-Locke with Preencarnacion-Cast When adding the goals and shots of each team, the numbers don't add up 100% - there's been 949 goals, but the team pages only add up to 934 If the league as a whole continues to score at this pace, there should be 1000 goals scored, league-wide, by the next sim or 2 - that's ... something? Toronto is at the bottom of the pack, with only 66 scored so far. Barely on pace to score 100 goals, as a team, this season. Will they manage to hit it, or slow down further? That's the race I'm watching now!
  10. Quik

    Mats Johnsson Press Conference

    July 09 - 15 Questions Asked: Beketov (3), Victor (4), hedgehog (3)
  11. @hedgehog337 What type of steroids are you feeding your players? Does Latvia qualify for the 2026 World Cup? If so, do they play in Canada, USA or Mexico? Which is better: Bread Soup or Beetroot soup?