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  1. Quik

    News Manager

    @Will is working on finishing the updates necessary in the portal, and will be hiring someone soon.
  2. Quik

    VHLM Newsletter - 14th Edition

    And, we're off!
  3. Quik

    Let’s talk about the WJC

    That's what I thought about 90-99, but couldn't believe that's how little it cost back then lol. As for HOF...Somewhere around 220 TPE IIRC Snelheid got in around the 500 mark lol. Inflation with the new scale helps, but Bailey 1.0 was drafted with 266 TPE. Bailey 2.0 already has 284, and will fall somewhere around 350 by the time the draft comes...
  4. Quik

    Let’s talk about the WJC

    Yeah, you're right, scotty's was ESHL, and it was one of the longer running leagues at a whole ... wait for it ... 4 seasons! And yeah, I think the jobless cap was 7, job cap was 9, and it was very routine for people to only get 5 per week. The scale was a lot easier, but yeah, it was near impossible to really whore out at the start 40-70 = 1 70-80 = 2 80-90 = 3 90-95 = 4 95-99 = 5 IIRC. AND, attributes got rounded to the nearest 1, which meant there was a million people with .5, .6, or .66 at the end of their attributes.
  5. Quik

    Let’s talk about the WJC

    I think that was the SHL, scotty's original league. I do remember there being a double cap, one for people with jobs, and a lower one for those without. Man, those days were really a grind, it's no wonder I only had one player go the distance before MJ lol
  6. Quik

    Let’s talk about the WJC

    Remember, I used to get tagged with 4s on my GFX, and brooksie would laugh at my pain. In fact, I just got ptsd of opening GIMP and feelings of defeat washing over me. #GoodOlDays (do kids still use hashtags on the tweeter?)
  7. Also, I'll be impressed if you keep this up for your 8-season career lol
  8. Quik

    Recruitment Team Staff Changes

    Thanks again for everything you've done @Tagger, you've done an incredible job in retention. Best of luck to @McWolf, big shoes to fill, but you're definitely capable!
  9. started as a B/W image lol @Beaviss
  10. Quik

    S63 Regular Season Index

    @Will Lines sent in
  11. Quik

    Helsinki On the Road

    OHL Suspends Coach Over Hazing Epsiode...
  12. Quik

    VHL Pickem (S63W5)

    200 Calgary Wranglers 201 Quebec City Meute 202 Seattle Bears 203 Riga Reign Either everyone's getting TPE, or no one is 😄